Sit-in the Coach (Travel by Vehicle)

Sit-in the Coach (Travel by Vehicle)

Due to its geographic structure, trekking and hiking is the most popular travel activities in Nepal. We need trek/walk to reach one to another place in Nepal. But there are some places which can be reached by drive too. These places are ideal for those who do not want to walk/trek yet want experience the Himalayan culture of Nepal and see the natural beauty of Nepal. Overland tours in Nepal will also be very interesting. As you drive along the misty hills, glistening rivers, and scattered settlements with the mountains on the backdrop, the overland tours will take you to various ancient palaces, monasteries, markets, monuments and lakes in Tibet as well as in Nepal. For someone who loves road trips, and enjoys the food and hospitality along the way, an overland tour to Mustang and Tibet would best ever trip. An overland tour mostly consists of long hours of a drive and occasionally short hikes too to explore around view points, monasteries and other religious sites. Trekking Experts provides overland tour in Nepal and Tibet. By using our own fleet, we provide comfortable overland tours.

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