Sponsorship Programs

It is pity to say that such a beautiful country Nepal is poor in terms of economic activities. 25.2% of population of Nepal is under poverty line and they hardly earn about $1 a day. People from the remote areas of Nepal especially hilly areas are very poor. Nearly 40% people of Nepal are still deprived from light of education. Despite of primary schools in every village in Nepal, about 67% of children drop out of school after grade five. It is because their parent cannot afford higher education in urban areas. Trekking Experts as responsible travel company is coordinating with our international partners and travelers who travel with us to sponsor a child for their education. Cost for sponsoring a child for primary to high school is USD 50-75 per month only. We, Trekking Experts will coordinate with primary schools in remote area of Langtang if you sponsor a child for his/her bright future. Your tiny support can change their life, your small donation can changes life to brighter from darkness of education.

Child Sponsorship For Education Program

Education is most powerful tool to change the world and for sustainable development. Without education, overall development is nearly impossible....