Plan Your Trip

Plan Your Trip

There are several local travel and trekking operators in Nepal. You can get connect to them via internet, email or referred by your friends who have been in Nepal already.  But if you’re planning to travel to Nepal for first time, it is really necessary to know the right agency/operator for right destination. Only the experts who have been in this business for a longtime might be the right operator for you. Only the experts can suggest the right packages for right person in right time.  If the trip does not meet your requirement, interest and expectation, your journey will not be considered as successful. We, Trekking Experts guarantee for right program for right person in right time with reasonable budget.  We believe in quality services, we always welcome as guest and farewell as friend. Our expert team for different areas will help you to make your travel unforgettable. Please connect with our experts, discuss and tell your interest!  Let us design your holiday plan. We shall make your holiday like never before. Just for your general idea, we have listed some top travel activities, top places to see in Nepal and top trekking destination from you’ll have an idea which will be suitable for you. 


Places to see in Nepal

Nepal, the Himalayan Kingdom has diverse culture, natural beauties and most amazing world heritage sites.  All those destinations are really important in its own place. Nepal has dense of options for different travel activities such as for trekking, Natural Tour, Cultural tours, wildlife activities, festivals and adventure activities. +View Detail


Things to do in Nepal

Nepal is rich in natural resources, diverse culture and snow-capped mountains. The landlocked country situated in Southeast Asia, Nepal has many reasons to visit once in your lifetime. Geographically small but diverse in geographical structures, climate and vegetation, Nepal has always attracted tourist either for their holidays or their research works. Nepal has plenty of options for travel either it is holiday, adventure, business or special themed travel. Following are the activities or things to do in Nepal.   +View Detail


Trekking Destinations of Nepal

Trekking is the most popular activity in Nepal and it is relatively easy; the trail follows well-marked trekking paths, hundreds of local passes, bank of rivers and through jungle. These trekking trips take you to the most scenic view points, reach to the base camp of giant 8000m peaks, explore the mighty hidden treasures, cultures, diversified flora and fauna and amazing people. Many people from across the globe come to Nepal to see its natural beauty, diverse culture and traditions, people of Nepal, witness the vibrant festivals and see the giant mountains. Due to its geographical structure, travelers need to trek in many places to reach and explore. So trekking or hiking is the most popular travel activity in Nepal. Following are the top ten trekking destinations of Nepal.   +View Detail


Types of Travel Styles

Nepal has tremendous options for travel. Based on your interest, travel theme or taste of travel, you can choose many types of travel styles or themes in Nepal. Based on where you want to do, what you would like to do in Nepal, you can choose style of travelling. Mostly in the urban cities, you can travel by overland which transportation and overnight stay in luxury hotels. In semi urban areas, you can mix up travel with overland tour and trekking and stay overnight in local tea houses/lodge. In the remote areas you can travel and overnight stay in tented camps. Also you can choose option to travel alone, or with your family or with your friends, colleagues or co-workers. Following are the travel styles or themes can be done in Nepal. +View Detail


Peak Climbing & Mountaineering in Nepal

Nepal has always been on top choice for either beginner climbers or advance climbers who dreamed to climb higher. Nepal is a home of mountains where there are eight peaks of 8000 meter out of fourteen as well as there are more than 422 peaks which are more than 7000 meters. Similarly, there are around 297 peaks in Nepal which are 6000 meter from sea level. 6000 meter peaks in Nepal includes many trekking peaks which are listed in Nepal Mountaineering Association and Department of Tourism. Still there are many peaks which are not opened for climbing and haven’t climbed by anyone yet. Out of 297 peaks, 270 are owned by the Department of Tourism and 27 are owned by the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA).  Trekking Experts offers wide ranges of peak climbing trips to following peaks:

 + 6000 meter peak climbing in Nepal
+7000 meter peak climbing in Nepal
 + 8000 meter peak climbing in Nepal