Travel Styles in Nepal

Travel Styles in Nepal

Nepal has tremendous options for travel. Based on your interest, travel theme or taste of travel, you can choose many types of travel styles or themes in Nepal. Based on where you want to do, what you would like to do in Nepal, you can choose style of travelling. Mostly in the urban cities, you can travel by overland which transportation and overnight stay in luxury hotels. In semi urban areas, you can mix up travel with overland tour and trekking and stay overnight in local tea houses/lodge. In the remote areas you can travel and overnight stay in tented camps. Also you can choose option to travel alone, or with your family or with your friends, colleagues or co-workers. Following are the travel styles or themes can be done in Nepal.


Tented Camping Trips

Tented Camp trip is very famous conventional style of travelling. Tented Camping is commonly used in remote areas of Nepal and other countries where hotels or lodges are not available for accommodation. In tented camping trips, you’ll sleep in the tents, Trekking Experts trekking cook and team will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in the camps. There will be a sleeping tent for every two person, foam mattress, table and chairs for dining, kitchen tent and kitchen utensils for meal preparation, dining tent for dinning, toilet tents, shower tent and camping team (cook, kitchen helpers and other helpers). Continental and personalized meals will be provided by our cook every day. In tented camp trips, you just need to bring a sleeping bag along with your personal belongings. Cooking team will travel along with you all the way and will prepare not repeated first class hot meals during the trekking. There a set of trekking for tented camp like guide, helpers, porters, cook, kitchen helpers etc. +View All Camping Trips


Lodge & Tea Houses Trips

In Lodge/tea houses trips, you’ll sleep and eat in lodges during the trekking. In cities or urban areas, you’ll stay at star hotels with attached bathroom and other facilities. But during the trekking, you’ll sleep in the lodge houses, lodges and will eat local restaurants/lodges. Lodges will have twin-bed room with or without attached toilets. Most of lodges have separate toilet. You will be able to choose available meals menu during lodge trekking. Since, accommodation during the trek will be in the local lodges, there will be guide and porters to carry your baggage in lodge trekking trips. +View All Lodge & Tea Houses Trips


Family Holiday Trips

All travel trips in the mountain won’t be fit for families sometimes. Because trekking in the mountains includes 5/7 hours walking a day, high altitude and also required some physical fitness. All trekking trips won’t be fit family with children and problem with walking. Thus, we, Trekking Experts have designed some trips which will be suitable for all types of family with children or senior citizens. Overland Tours (tour by drive); soft hiking with 3/4 hours of gentle walk a day will fit suitable. Following are some trip for family holidays in Nepal and Tibet. +View All Family Holiday Trips


School/College Travel Trips

Nepal is paradise for school and college students to learn and experience the different flavor of cultures, nature and also adventure activities. Because of its cultural and geographical diversity, many school and college students travel to Nepal for their holidays and research projects. Nepal is best place for geological research, culture, climate, people, religion and mountains. Also many student travels to Nepal for community support programs, internship programs and volunteering supports. We, Trekking Experts provide support to arrange research, volunteering, community support and internship program for student herein Nepal. +View All School/College Travel Trips


Honeymoon Travel Trips

Nepal is known as the land of Himalaya and Nepal offers plenty of options for holidays. Diverse culture and geographical structure, mysterious ancient history, friendly people, and wonders of nature are the features of Nepal.  Nepal is perfect destination for honeymooners where a couple can enhance their love with the nature, wildlife, high mountains and extreme adventures. Honeymoon is the golden period of your married life which needs to be cherished in a memorable way. To make golden periods of your life unforgettable and marvelous with your beloved one, we, Trekking Experts have designed some travel packages for honeymoon couples. +View All Honeymoon Travel Trips


Extreme Adventure Trips

Nepal is homeland of Himalayas where eight of 8000 meter giant mountains along with more than 422 mountains which are 6000 meter to 7000 meter. V-shaped valleys, rocky and snow-capped mountains are the center for adventure and mountaineering. Nepal has plenty of options for adventurous activities such as Bungy Jump, white river rafting, cannoning, bouldering, rock climbing, peak climbing, trekking and mountaineering. Nepal has plenty of options of trekking and mountaineering easy trek to extreme level of difficulty. Climbing 8000 meter mountains including world’s highest peak Mount Everest are extreme level adventure activities. We, Trekking Experts provide all logistic supports for climbing either 6000 meter peaks to 8000 meter giant mountains. +View All Extreme Adventure Trips


Group Travel Trips

Travelling with loved ones, close friends, family is synonym of fun. Nepal as a precious travel destination for its nature and the Himalayas, you shouldn’t miss to travel with your loved ones in your life. Travelling in group gives you plenty of joy, fun with friends and amazing memory in your life which you’ll definitely miss later on in your life. Travelling or trekking in the nature and Himalaya of Nepal provides you a lifetime experience. We, Trekking Experts do provide travel services for individuals; but mainly we provide travel services for groups. Most of all our trips can be done in group of 2 people to 16 people for trekking and climbing. In overland tours and spiritual tours, we will operate with maximum of 150 people in a group. +View All Group Travel Trips


Research Travel Trips

Nepal is natural university for geologist and nature lovers. You’ll find variance of climates and vegetations of 60 meters from sea level to 8848 meters from sea level in just about 800 km distance. It is the only place where you can find all types of climates, vegetations, cultures and flora and fauna in just once country. Every year, many geologists, climate and nature researchers come to Nepal for research in Nepal. We, Trekking Experts provide logistic support including guiding support for such research travelers in Nepal. +View All Research Travel Trips


Spiritual & Religious Travel Trips

Nepal and Tibet are the center for Buddhism and other spiritual practitioners.  Century old cultures, religions, spiritual practices and holy religious places make travel to Nepal mystical. Nepal; a Himalayan country is one of very oldest country in the world where you can still find origin of spiritual practices, religious sites unbroken and spiritual center for both Buddhism and Hinduism. Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, several very important holy places for Hindu believers i.e. Pashupatinath, Gosainkund and Muktitnath made situated in Nepal. Similarly, Tibet is the center for Tibetan Buddhism. Every year thousands of people visit Lhasa, the palace of Dalai Lama, Mount Kailash, the holiest mountain for Buddhist, Hindu and Jain believers. Also India is most important destination for Buddhist and Hindu believers. We, Trekking Experts have designed several travel packages that will take you to these holiest places guided by experts in Buddhism and Hinduism. During spiritual tour, obviously you’ll enjoy the beauty of these mythical monuments, at the same time you’ll get to know in depth of those places, its meaning in each religion and also will practice/learn about those spiritual lives. +View All Spiritual & Religious Travel Trips


Incentive & Corporate Retreat Trips

Nepal has been called paradise for travelers by everyone who travelled to Nepal. The amazing cultures, people, lifestyles, snow-capped mountains, greenery jungles, V-shaped valleys and diverse flora and fauna attracted every one. Many Hollywood and Bollywood movies have screened in Nepal for its beautiful nature and spectacular views. Nepal holds unbreakable world records for natural beauty and cultural diversity. Nepal has tons of options to explore around which can meet everyone’s travel dreams. Not only mountaineers, adventure seekers come to Nepal, many businessmen, celebrities come to Nepal for their life changing holidays in Nepal. Nepal is perfect destination for short breaks for those who do not have much time for travel, yet would like to experience and taste different types of activities and then Nepal ranks on top of its list. Nepal is the best destination for short Incentive trips for corporate staffs, employees, vendors and suppliers. Many business houses or corporate houses have conducted their incentive trips or corporate holidays, team building programs, exhibitions, conventions, and meetings in Nepal. Trekking Experts has experienced of arranging incentive events for such corporate houses. Our team has successfully organized incentive holiday events for employees of different insurance companies, automaker companies in Nepal. +View All Incentive & Corporate Retreat Trips


Event Management

By using our expertise in travel and event management, we provide services for event management in Nepal. Our event management services include destination wedding management, trade fair management, conferences and exhibition management. +View All Event Management Trips


Heli Tours

Helicopter tour in Nepal is the perfect taste of the luxury travel with majestic views of Himalayas and scenic views of local settlements, mountains and beautiful valleys. It is the one and only trip in which you can witness the panoramic views of Himalayan ranges, mountains and beautiful valleys within a minimal time period through helicopter. Helicopter tours offer mountain flights, luxury trips, and city sightseeing, photography and filming tours in Nepal. Helicopter tour is perfect for those who not have plenty of time for trekking the Himalayas yet wants to see the beauties of Himalaya and landscapes of Nepal. Helicopter is also a right choice to celebrate your precious moments like anniversary, birthday and marriage ceremony at the top of the world with your beloved ones. Likewise, you can have your reunion party or celebrate years of friendship, treat party for your beloved ones or respected person at the majestic land of Himalayas. We, Trekking Experts will help you out to design perfect helicopter tours program based on your celebration. Helicopter tours are generally flying over the Himalayas through beautiful landscapes by helicopter. +View All Heli Tours


Self Guided Trips

Taking local expert guide for your any trip in Nepal is always better. Because having local guide with you means you’re in safe; you’ll get all local information of the local places and there will somebody with you in case if you need any help during the trip. But you’d like to travel along without any guide; Trekking Experts provide some trips which you can do at your own. We shall assist you for hotel booking, transportation arrangements, permit arrangement and other logistic arrangement if it needs to be done and then you can travel at your own. Following are some trips we offer as self guided trips which you don’t any guide.  +View All Self Guided Trips


Charity Trips

Charity Trip are always one of the best trip you would buy for your trip. In our charity trips, you’ll be enjoying the trip at the same time you’ll be helping someone who needs your help. There is no difference in charity trip and normal trip, only different is you’ll help the needy people if you join in charity based trip. In charity based trip, you’ll pay little bit extra as ‘Charity Fund’ or tour operator puts some of margin in charity fund. And then, raised amount will be hand over to the concern people who need help from us. +View All Charity Trips