Things to do in Nepal

Things to do in Nepal

Nepal is rich in natural resources, diverse culture and snow-capped mountains. The landlocked country situated in Southeast Asia, Nepal has many reasons to visit once in your lifetime. Geographically small but diverse in geographical structures, climate and vegetation, Nepal has always attracted tourist either for their holidays or their research works. Out of fourteen 8000-meter peaks in the world, Nepal has eight 8000-meter peaks including highest peak on earth. Nepal is the center for Buddhism where the birthplace of Lord Buddha lies in Lumbini, Nepal. Nepal’s architectures and cultures are very unique that’s Nepal has many world heritages sites recognized by UNESCO. Nepal only holds about ten world heritages sites and out of them seven world heritage sites are located in Kathmandu valley within 15-kilometer radius which is itself a world record. Nepal has opened 422 peaks to climb including eight 8000-meter mountains. In this case, Nepal is hub for adventure and mountaineering. Not only this, Nepal holds numerous world records such as deepest gorge in the world-Kali Gandaki, highest glacial lake-Tilicho Lake, largest glacial lake-Rara Lake, highest airport-Syangboche Airport, highest hotel-Everest View Hotel, highest human settlement-Gorakshep etc. Hence, Nepal has plenty of options for travel either it is holiday, adventure, business or special themed travel. Following are the activities or things to do in Nepal.


Trekking & Hiking

Trekking is the most popular activity in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan especially in hilly areas.  Trekking is relatively easy; walking on off-road trails follows well-marked trekking paths, passes, bank of rivers and through jungle. Trekking is the easiest adventure activity can be done any aged people in the natural trails, hilly regions and mountains. Generally, standard trekking are about 5 to 7 hours of gentle walking in natural trails routes. It is ideal for all type of people who love the nature, feel the wilderness and have some physical exercise without having any pain. Trekking trips takes you to the most scenic view points, reach to the base camp of giant 8000m peaks, explore the mighty hidden treasures, cultures, diversified flora and fauna and amazing people. Trekking Experts; as the specialist in trekking in the Himalaya; provides all trekking related services in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. Our trekking services include accommodation in tented camp, lodge, tea house and alpine style arrangements. Following are trekking and hiking travel packages we offer.  +View All Trekking & Hiking Activities


Overland Tours

Due to its geographic structure, trekking and hiking is the most popular travel activities in Nepal. We need trek/walk to reach one to another place in Nepal. But there are some places which can be reached by drive too. These places are ideal for those who do not want to walk/trek yet want experience the Himalayan culture of Nepal and see the natural beauty of Nepal. Overland tours in Nepal will also be very interesting. As you drive along the misty hills, glistening rivers, and scattered settlements with the mountains on the backdrop, the overland tours will take you to various ancient palaces, monasteries, markets, monuments and lakes in Tibet as well as in Nepal.  For someone who loves road trips, and enjoys the food and hospitality along the way, an overland tour to Mustang and Tibet would best ever trip. An overland tour mostly consists of long hours of a drive and occasionally short hikes too to explore around view points, monasteries and other religious sites. Trekking Experts provides overland tour in Nepal and Tibet. By using our own fleet, we provide comfortable overland tours. +View All Overland Tours Activities


Peak Climbing & Expedition (Mountaineering)

South Asian countries like Nepal, Tibet and Pakistan are most popular for mountaineering (to climb mountains). Among them, Nepal is the hub for mountaineering. Nepal is the land of giant mountains. There are eight 8000 meter peaks and so more than 422 meter peaks in Nepal. Most of those mountains and peaks are climbed by many mountaineers and adventure lovers. Every year hundred of adventure lovers climb the mountains in Nepal and Trekking Experts provides all logistic supports to climb to those mountains in Nepal, Tibet and Pakistan. Climbers of Nepal especially, Sherpa climbers are worldwide renowned climbers and Trekking Experts provides climbing services to climb mountains by experience climbing Sherpas. Our climbing or expedition services include all logistic supports for climbing such as arrangement of climbing permit, catering services in the mountains, guiding and portage services in the high mountains. Trekking Experts’ climbing packages includes 6000 meter to 8000 meter mountains including highest mountain in the world Mount Everest (8848m). +View All Peak Climbing & Expedition Activities


Filming & Documentary Productions

Nepal is known as one of best photogenic country in the world. Beautiful snow-capped mountains, greenery hills, majestic valleys, gorges, lakes and mountain –shaped landscapes are the source of beauty for photography. Because of these attractions Nepal has one best destination for filming. Many Hollywood and Bollywood movies are screened in Nepal. Many travel documentaries, short movies, stories and plays have taken from Nepal. Popular broadcasting channels such as National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet etc have made Nepal as their no. 1 destination for all type of documentary and movies. Many block buster Hollywood movies such as Everest International, Highway to Dhampus, Caravan etc. are screened in Nepal. Nepal has plenty of options for filming either it could be for movie or any documentary based on the Himalaya, nature, geography, culture, people and water resources. Famous mountaineers Reinhold Messner, Sigfried Hupfaur, Conrak Aker, Carlos Soria, Edurne Pasabane, Jesus Calleja etc have screened many documentaries in Nepal.

Trekking Experts provides all logistic supports for filming in Nepal for cinemas, documentary or video productions. Trekking Experts assists for arrangement of filming permits, selection of spots for shots, logistic support of carrying equipment, catering services and man power services (guiding).  Trekking Experts team has provided supports for TV Shows, documentaries and short movies. +View All Filming & Documentary Production Activities


Cycling/Mountain Biking

Mountain biking /cycling is one of best adventure in that can be done in Nepal and Tibet.  Ups and down hills, off-the beaten tracks and unnumbered valleys are the place for mountain biking. And Nepal has all of them. The geographic structure of Nepal is very suitable for adventurous mountain biking that no other country has. Mountain biking in Nepal offers you a tremendous way to see the exotic sights of Nepal such as giant mountains, rich culture, people, historical and ancient sites and life of Nepalese people. Mountain Biking over Thorong La Pass is the best and highest mountain biking in the world. Similarly biking from Lhasa to Kathmandu (Tibet to Nepal) is also one the longest mountain biking trail over passing highest passes in the world. Trekking Experts provides the mountain biking services in Nepal and Tibet. Trekking Experts has designed some special mountain biking tours where you’ll have tour guided by professional mountain biking guides. +View All Climbing/Mountain Biking Activities


Spiritual Tours

Nepal and Tibet are the center for Buddhism and other spiritual practitioners.  Century old cultures, religions, spiritual practices and holy religious places make travel to Nepal mystical. Nepal; a Himalayan country is one of very oldest country in the world where you can still find origin of spiritual practices, religious sites unbroken and spiritual center for both Buddhism and Hinduism. Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, several very important holy places for Hindu believers i.e. Pashupatinath, Gosainkund and Muktitnath made situated in Nepal. Similarly, Tibet is the center for Tibetan Buddhism. Every year thousands of people visit Lhasa, the palace of Dalai Lama, Mount Kailash, the holiest mountain for Buddhist, Hindu and Jain believers. Also India is most important destination for Buddhist and Hindu believers. We, Trekking Experts have designed several travel packages that will take you to these holiest places guided by experts in Buddhism and Hinduism. During spiritual tour, obviously you’ll enjoy the beauty of these mythical monuments, at the same time you’ll get to know in depth of those places, its meaning in each religion and also will practice/learn about those spiritual lives.  +View All Spiritual Tours Activities


Incentive & Corporate Retreat Events

Nepal has been called paradise for travelers by everyone who travelled to Nepal. The amazing cultures, people, lifestyles, snow-capped mountains, greenery jungles, V-shaped valleys and diverse flora and fauna attracted every one. Many Hollywood and Bollywood movies have screened in Nepal for its beautiful nature and spectacular views. Nepal holds unbreakable world records for natural beauty and cultural diversity. Nepal has tons of options to explore around which can meet everyone’s travel dreams. Not only mountaineers, adventure seekers come to Nepal, many businessmen, celebrities come to Nepal for their life changing holidays in Nepal. Nepal is perfect destination for short breaks for those who do not have much time for travel, yet would like to experience and taste different types of activities and then Nepal ranks on top of its list. Nepal is the best destination for short Incentive trips for corporate staffs, employees, vendors and suppliers. Many business houses or corporate houses have conducted their incentive trips or corporate holidays, team building programs, exhibitions, conventions, and meetings in Nepal. Trekking Experts has experienced of arranging incentive events for such corporate houses. Our team has successfully organized incentive holiday events for employees of different insurance companies, automaker companies in Nepal. +View All Incentive & Corporate Retreat  Activities


Festival Trips

Nepal is not just about breathtaking mountains, glacial lakes, beautiful valleys, but also about vibrant festivals. Nepal has huge diversity in cultures and traditions. People of Nepal consist of different castes, cultures and traditions. And each different culture has its own unique tradition and way of festival celebration. Based on caste, culture or community or region, Nepal has many live and vibrant festivals celebrate every year.  Festival based on Hindu culture, Buddhist Culture, Muslim or regional culture, Nepalese people celebrate festival to keep their traditions alive and also for fun. We, Trekking Experts have designed some trips to experience and witness the celebration of festivals in Nepal. We design and prepare festival trips based on our travelers’ interest, but here are few festival trips that bring you insight of the festival. +View All Festival Trips & Activities


Event Management

By using our expertise in travel and event management, we provide services for event management in Nepal. Our event management services include destination wedding management, trade fair management, conferences and exhibition management.  +View All Event Management Activities