Women Empowerment Trek

Women Empowerment Trek

Women Empowerment Trek’ is an exclusive trekking package lead by women supporting team to offer once in a lifetime experience to our valued clients with the slogan of “Empowering needy Nepalese women though adventure”. This special trip takes you to the Himalayan region, villages and ethnics groups and throughout this trip you will travel with cause of empowering needy women of Nepal and making a positive impact to their lives.


In association with Green Youth Tourism Society (GYTDS), Trekking Experts is organizing this ‘Women Empowerment Trek to charity purpose. Trekking Experts and GYTDS aimed to raise certain amount of fund and donate this amount to GYTDS-a nonprofit organization who helps to women of rural part of Langtang region. The fund raised by this trip will be use for empowering socially excluded, orphanage and single-mothers for their income generation,  skill development, education and health support. Also, Trekking Experts will donate 25% of its profit generated by this trip to nonprofit organization to help needy women of remote area of Langtang region. Previously, Trekking Experts has conducted one of the most effected programs called ‘Healing Haku’ to help earthquake victims of very remote areas-Haku. It is a continuation of ‘Healing Haku’ project.

Trip Highlights

Women-led trip in Langrang region
Trekking holidays for women by women
Enjoy the beauty of nature at the same time contribute for needy women of Nepal
Varieties of Rhododendrons, pine forest, bamboo forest along the trail
Majestic waterfalls, rivers and snow capped mountain views
Spectacular views of high mountains i.e. Langtang Lirung, Gyangchempo, Peaks
Panoramic views from Tsergo Ri
Beautiful Langtang Valley and diverse flora and fauna of Langtang National Park
Explore and experience the local people and their cultural of Tamang, Sherpa, Newar
Encounter with beautiful national bird of Nepal ‘Danfe’, musk deer, monkeys and other wild animals
Visit of one most remote of Langtang region-Haku

Why this trip?

In rural part of Nepal most girls end up as housewives by the time they are 18. Why?? Because lack of education and gender discrimination. Nepalese women especially women from Haku where 100% people are from Tamang community have always been stuck in household duties and their whole life revolve around their house, rising children and doing all household choirs. They are never financial benefited out of their daily duties and their chance to get to see the outer world is one in thousand. Hence Trekking Experts in association with local nonprofit organization is initiating this package so we can contribute in little ways to support and uplift their life style by educating and creating employment and help them to live a fuller life and add smile, inspiration and help them feel the freedom.