Tamang Land Ethical Trek

Tamang Land Ethical Trek

‘Tamang Land Ethical Trek’ is an exclusive trekking package lead by local supporting team (all of your trekking team will be from locals) to offer once in a lifetime experience to our valued clients with the slogan of “Travel for social cause”. This trek is designed to provide job to local people who are jobless. All of your team including trekking guide will be from Langtang/Tamang heritage trail region. We believe that locals from Tamang heritage trail region know about the region better than anyone. Also local people have to be benefitted from this trip. In this trip you’ll sleep and eat in local house and it will be a lifetime experience for you to experience the locality and get golden opportunity to interact with local people. This trip will allows you to know the insight story of Tamang Heritage Trail region.


In association with local people from Tamang Heritage trail region, Trekking Experts is organizing this ‘Tamang Land Ethical Trek’ with a social cause to give job to local people where we go. Trekking Experts aimed to raise certain amount of fund and donate this amount to locals of Langtang region. The fund raised by this trip will be use for empowering socially excluded, poor and helpless people of Langtang region. Trekking Experts will help them to use this fund for their income generation, skill development, education and health support. Also, Trekking Experts will donate 25% of its profit generated by this trip to locals to help needy women of remote area of Langtang region. Previously, Trekking Experts has conducted one of the most effected programs called ‘Healing Haku’ to help earthquake victims of very remote areas-Haku (in Langtang region). It is an extended program of ‘Healing Haku’ project.


Trip Highlighst

Travel for social cause
Trekking holidays for locals led by locals
Golden opportunity to know insight story of local people
An unique featured trek designed to provide homely services and experience the homely environment
Explore and experience the Tamang culture, rituals, languages and their lifestyle
All accommodation, foods and services are designed by Tamang people, foods, services and accommodations are influenced and garnished by Tamang hospitality
Enjoy a hot bath in the healing hot-water spring at Tatopani
Newly opened trekking destination in the Langtang region
Less crowded and the untouched beauty of the region

Why this trip?

Remote areas, mountains, hills and ethnic groups of remote areas are the attraction point for tourists in Nepal. Every year thousands of tourists travel to remote areas for their trekking. But local people of trekking areas get benefit from tourists rarely. Tour operators, local operated by people from other places get benefits. Most of remote areas, there are only basic accommodation available and tour operators organize tented camp treks. Local people won’t get any benefit from tented camping treks; they only get lots of trash there. In order to help local people by giving jobs to them, Trekking Experts deigned and offers this ‘Tamang Land Ethical Trek’. In this trip, Trekking Experts will give job to guide from local, porters from local and also uses their services by buying their food, accommodation while trekking. Trekking Experts also will contribute 25% of its profit generated from this trip for local people of Tamang heritage route.