Trekking Specialist  in Nepal

Trekking Specialist in Nepal

Trekking Experts is Nepal’s best trekking agency. Trekking Experts provided the best travel and trekking services in Nepal since 2013. As Trekking Experts is  the best trekking agency in Nepal, it is also known as Nepal’s best tour operator. Trekking Experts has been providing all travel related services for Nepal and it is now ranked as top ten tour operator in Nepal. By using its extensive knowledge and experience in the Himalaya, Trekking Experts trekking specialist  in Nepal. As one of   Nepal’s leading travel agency and trekking company, Trekking Experts has been always on travelers’ choice for Nepal.


We provide best travel deals with no hidden cost. We provide best price to its customers/partners which make cheapest travel to Nepal. We provide excellent travel services and it is one Nepal’s award-wining trekking company of Nepal. As a Local tour operators of Nepal or Local trekking agency in Nepal, we provide ground handling services to our partners from across the globe. Trekking Experts is expert in hiking, trekking, mountaineering and other travel activities such as rafting, wildlife safaris, mountain biking, cultural tours and spiritual tours. Trekking Experts offers both pre-planned itineraries and custom travel services. We provide travel services for group travelers and individuals. Trekking Experts provides logistic supports for all travel related activities for our international partners. Our work includes arranging all logistic supports for trekking permit, hotel booking, ticket booking, and transfer arrangement, providing guide services, porter services, catering or tented camping services, rescue services and ground handling services for our international partners and their travelers. Trekking Experts is expert in trekking in Nepal and one of the best local trekking agency in Nepal owned by Nepalese.


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