How We Are Different

How We Are Different

Unlike other travel company, we differentiate ourselves in many ways that benefits our partners. We make all the travel procedures simple so our guests are not required to go through hassles of all sorts of paperwork on their travel.


Ethical Travel Guide

Run or operate travel related services to our clients/partners in ethical way is one of our major state that we take care of. Being a licensed and registered tour operator from Nepal, we can deliver travel related services following all the terms and conditioned determined by Nepal Government’s law and in ethical way. We do not hide anything to our clients/partners; there won’t be hidden cost on the trips, no hidden reason for any actions. That’s why Trekking Experts is designated as the ‘Ethical Travel Guide’ for Nepal by Tourism Concern, UK.


Exclusive Partnership
Trekking Experts is local tour operator in Nepal and provides all travel related services to its clients/partners. As B2B Travel Company in Nepal, Trekking Experts partner and works exclusively with limited travel companies in particular territory. That’s why Trekking Experts is known as reliable and trustworthy travel partner for Nepal by our partners across the globe.


Create Values
Trekking Experts is proud for what it stands for and how it works with its partners and clients. Trekking Experts believes that collective effort can boost business and can make happy everyone. We create an environment in our company where people like to travel with us with a reason and want to work for us as a member. Our staffs are loyal to the company, innovative, friendly and simply perfect in their job. Satisfied clients usually mean satisfied workers too. We believe that our partners’ growth is our growth. So we never compromise to put any effort for mutual benefit. We consider all our staff, partners, suppliers and clients as our family members. Besides delivering travel services, our work creates value for our partners.


Local Representative for Nepal
Trekking Experts provides all travel related services on behalf of its partners from across the globe for Nepal. Trekking Experts always represents as our partners service provider or local operator or unit for Nepal for our partners. Trekking Experts always respects your corporate value, brand name and norms determined by its partners while providing travel services to its customers.


Travel Companion
Trekking Experts always plays a role as a travel companion rather than an operator for Nepal. An travel companion shares the joys, experiences, moments and tastes of travel while a operator just operates the trip.


Value-Added Services
We, Trekking Experts provide free value added services to the clients booked through our partners. Value-added services includes welcome at the airport, assistance during the whole trip, travel consultancy, extra activities, souvenirs, free gifts and celebration for birthdays, and anniversaries, extra care , support to children, older people, safety kit and gears etc.


Instant Support in case of Emergency

Trekking Experts team is always standby there for any kind support needed to its clients while they are in Nepal