Pasang Rinjee Sherpa

Pasang Ringee Sherpa, Chief Operation Officer of Trekking Experts is a man with immense experience in tourism sector in Nepal. Mr. Sherpa is well-known personality and entrepreneur in Nepalese tourism industry. Born and brought up in Khumbu valley, today he heads the operation department, managing the logistics and coordinating the field staff. His outstanding PR skills and broad knowledge in tourism sector which he has gained in the past twenty five years have helped the company to quickly gain the upper-hand and the position of a key player in this highly competitive industry.

Mr. Sherpa has worked hard to get here. As a young boy he had guided tourist into Khumbu region from 1988-1996. He then shifted to United States for 4 years to enhance his knowledge of Western culture, since then he has visited France, Germany, Spain and Italy. He then came back to Nepal to join a Travel group to practice and enhance his knowledge on the tourism industry. Today he heads the Operation department in Trekking Experts and because of his outstanding PR relation within this industry, Mr. Sherpa is now actively involved with Trekking Experts for managing and coordinating logistics, field staff and our supporting vendors. The skills and knowledge that he has gained for the past 2 decades has helped Trekking Experts in gaining an upper-hand in this industry.

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