Fixed Departure Dates and Cost Conditions


1) Trip Costs

Trip costs we have given are per person basis. It means every individual participant who book trip with us has to pay the cost per person in US dollars. Trip costs will be valid for one year (till 31st December of effective year).


2) Supplement Costs

Trip costs per person are minimum cost every participant has to pay. And trip costs are based on twin sharing basis. If you would like to have single room during stay, you are obliged to pay single supplement. Please check costs for single supplement and additional services while booking.


3) Minimum number of participants to run the trip

Trip costs we have given are based on four (4) people. It means minimum number of participants to run your trip is 4 people.


4) What if we do not meet minimum number of participants?

The minimum participant to run your trip is four (4) members in a trip. If number participants are less than four people, Trekking Experts reserves right to cancel and postpone your trip. In this case, Trekking Experts will inform you about it in written (by email) before 30 days of trip starts. However if you would like continue trip with existing participants, we can run trip with the booked number of people. However there will be some extra charges to run your trip without reaching minimum participants to run the trip. Charges for running trip will be based on the number of participants. Trekking Experts will notify you about the additional cost before 30 days of trip start if we do not meet minimum number to run the trip.

Also, Trekking Experts will offer alternative trips with or without supplemental cost if we do not meet the minimum number participant on the trip you’ve booked.


5) Included Services

We strongly suggest you to see what included services at the given trip cost. Any services not mentioned in ‘What’s Included’ section of each trip, means it is not included. If you require additional services rather than included, it will cost extra.


6) Tipping

Tipping is not obligatory just like anywhere in the world. However if you like the service and want to thank them this is another good way to do so.  The following is recommended as a guideline:

In Kathmandu 20-50 Rs for bellboys, waiters and porters is appropriate. At the end of a trek, if your group thinks that the staff has done an outstanding job, a group tip would be greatly appreciated. Normally tip is given at the end of the trek and this is best done as group rather than individual. Most groups will give the tips with a bit of ceremony on the last evening to mark the end of the trip. Your Group Leader or guide will advise you in more detail regarding this matter. As a guideline, we recommend that each group member contributes around $ 75 (rupee equivalent) and then it is shared amongst the team.


7) Have any queries? Contact us