Why Trekking Experts?

Why we stand out from the rest? With us, you can explore the world in your way; we shall make your holidays as lifetime experience. 

Trekking Experts Pvt. Ltd. registered tour operator/travel Company based on Kathmandu, Nepal. Trekking Experts provides professional travel related services all over Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India for its clients booked through different travel agents/partner from across the globe. Trekking Experts is B2B based travel company in Nepal providing all travel related services for its business partners across the globe such as providing ground handling services, operating all trekking and hiking activities, climbing and expedition activities, overland tours and adventure activities along logistic supports for filming, event management, meetings, incentives retreats, events, rescue services, hotel booking, ground transfers, air ticketing, visa support and other travel related services.


Easy Booking Through Our International Partners

Trekking Experts is local tour/trek operator of Nepal and we provide all travel related services to our customers booking though our business partners across the globe. In order to make your trip booking easy and secured you book our trip through our international partners across the globe. Our partners in your country will assist you for booking, consult you to choose right trip and provide related information in your own language.


Local Expert in the Himalaya

We are the local expert in the Himalaya. Our team is expert for Nepal with the experience of more than decades in this field. Our team can differentiate the thin line between a perfectly executed service and average services. Trekking Experts is formed with a team of experts in the field of tours, treks and mountaineering in Nepal. With over two decades of continuous exploration and deep dedication, experiences, outstanding operational culture and wide ranges of knowledge we are second to none. We’re passionate about making your holiday a memorable and meaningful one by sharing all we know and thus adding value to your holiday.


Safety First

Your safety is our first priority. Trekking Experts cares for health and safety of our clients as well as team. All our trekking guides are well trained with first aid and mountain sickness. For health and safety of our clients, we give much priority to everything, from hygienic food to high altitude sickness cure; from first aid to helicopter rescue and most importantly we design the trip itineraries considering high altitude. Our trekking guides well trained for high altitude sickness treatment and first aid as well as for rescue operation in case of emergency.  We provide comprehensive medical kits and Gamow bags for use throughout the trip. Our guides and staff are highly trained in emergency mountain medicine and work to maintain our strict standards of safety. When problems do arises on the mountains, away from medical facilities, our medically trained guide will assist you as a doctor. The level of training and experience Trekking Experts’ guides have undergone, have made them some of the most sought after guides in this profession. Careful planning and vigilant care are taken as we venture into high altitudes.


High Quality Travel Services

We have experience of more than two decades in tourism and our team is perfected over the years to deliver high quality travel services in the Himalaya even in harsh environment. Our well trained and experienced teams are always at hand to make certain that every aspect of your journey is heart-warming and rewarding. All of our team for trekking such as trekking guide, trekking cooks, trekking leaders (interpreter) and porters are well trained and experienced in trekking in the Himalaya. In order to keep our standard quality of services, we use only certified hotels, lodges during trekking, well conditioned vehicles for transportation which can guarantee your safety.

In tented camping trips, Trekking Experts provides highest degree of services. Hygienic and foods, proper portion of foods, well-managed menu for meals considering balance diet in the mountains, branded and quality camping equipment such as tents, kitchen utensils, organic foods and trekking gears are the back bone to keep your holiday wonderful in terms of health, delicious as well as scenic mountains.


Owned By Locals

Unlike many travel companies/tour operators, Trekking Experts is 100% owned local Nepalese people. Travelling with locally owned operator is different where you’ll travel services garnished by local traditions, local dishes and local taste of hostility. For those who love Nepal and Nepalese people, it is a great way to support local people by travelling with locally owned travel companies.


98% Success Rate

Trekking Experts has track record of 98.6% happy customers who traveled with it. Every traveler/trekker to whom Trekking Experts served are more than satisfied with its warm hospitality garnished by local culture, tradition and expertise. High quality services, punctuality in every activity, delivery of services and friendly team are the reason of high success rate ever.


Personalized Travel Service

Based on our customers’ interest, planning or requirement, Trekking Experts provides tailored and personalized services to teach of its customers. Taking its clients as GOD, Trekking Experts is always flexible to adjust the trekking and tour holidays as per client’s fitness, health condition, interest, time table and budget. Trekking Experts designs and develops new and customize trekking or tour holidays which suits the requirement of individual travelers. Trekking Experts operates personalized trips for Individuals, Small Groups, Group Travelers, Family, Couple, Business Organizations, Students and Researchers.


 Best Price Guaranteed

Trekking Experts works really hard to bring you great deals from its suppliers such as hotels, airlines, transportation and other vendors. When you deal with Trekking Experts, it wants you to feel confident that your purchase will leave you with a smile. Well coordination between office team, sales team, trekking guide, cooks, sherpas, climbers all the parties, Trekking Experts guaranties you for best price and your trip cost will worth the services. Because of handling maximum number of clients, we offers best possible rates to our clients and agents because we get special rates from our suppliers such as hotels, airlines, transport and other vendors etc.


Responsible Travel

Responsible tourism is one of our main concerns. Trekking Experts is committed to maintaining integrity, keeping our core values and developing partnership in sustainable development. Being a responsible tour/trek operator, it has become one of our priorities to contribute what we can; be it financially, sharing ideas or investing time for positive outcome in society.

Principles of responsible travel – respecting local people, their cultures and local environments, we encourage all staff and clients to strictly abide by this. Our core sectors of contribution are Health, Education and Employment. As responsible tour operator, we take care of every small aspect of Environment, health and local culture. Our main object is to give a job to local people by buying their local products, respecting their culture, giving them a good way of learning, motivation and education. We also contribute certain percent of our profit to local schools, children, health and employment.


Value Added Services

With over three decades of experience and dedicated involvement in the mountaineering and tourism business, beside highest of services for trek and tour, Trekking Experts cares your personal life experiences. On special occasions such as birthday, wedding anniversary, honeymoon trip, festivals and any events, Trekking Expert provides free value added services i.e. wishes, greetings & gifts etc. In addition, we also provide you free consulting services for any travel related services, visa extensions, permit arrangements, hotel booking and re-confirming the flight tickets. Welcome gift on arrival, free ground handling and assistance in case of emergency and farewell gift and dinner at the end of trip are our most common value added services.


 Ethical Travel Guide and Partner for Nepal

Trekking Experts’ business model is “business to business”. Trekking Experts is designed to provide all kinds of travel related logistic supports to our international agents, partner and suppliers. Loyalty to business partners and their core values, passionate, innovative & competitive prices driven our business towards success. We respect the core values of our partners, suppliers and international agents. And we never compromise to fulfill the promises. We believe that competitive prices, prompt and reliable responses, loyalty & quality services lead to more business volume which benefits all the parties involved.


Staff Welfare Policy

Trekking Experts always puts its staff’s safety and security first. It always takes its staff as the back bone of the company, it treats it staff such as office team, trekking guide, cook, climbing guide, kitchen helpers and porters as its own family members. Trekking Experts pays to its staff very well compared to other similar tour operators. The reason why Trekking Experts’ staffs are happy satisfied with the company and made every trip successful. We do not compromise welfare and safety of our staff. Beside good payment to them, we can provide additional incentives/bonuses to them in order to motivate them. Our staff welfare policy includes medical insurance coverage of all team, accommodation, meals, transportation and sleeping gear for every guide, cook and porters during the trip, appropriate clothing and gears for each guide, climbing guide and porters while they are trekking to ensure protection from cold, rain and wind, never overload to our porters, festival cash bonuses, gift hampers and support for skill development trainings, support for family and children in education etc.