Trip Grade Moderate
Duration: 10 Nights/11 Days
Max. Altitude: 4600M
Destination: Nepal
Region: Langtang
Activity: Trekking & Hiking
Theme: Tented Camps



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Rauchuli & Gosain Kunda Trek

Trekking Experts Pvt. Ltd. presents you this exclusive and newly explored trekking route of Nepal. Rauchuli&GosainKunda Trek brings you to the unspoiled trekking routes, cultures, holy lakes and panoramic views. This exclusive ‘Rauchuli&Gosainkund Trek’ is probably one and only trip that allows you to see at least 11 different lakes located at above 4000m from sea level and provides you opportunity to see 360-degree panoramic views of Himalayan ranges including world highest peak Mount Everest.


‘Rauchuli&Gosainkund Trek’ is one of the finest trekking routes in Shivapuri National Park and Langtang National Park. The trip starts from the capital of Nepal; Kathmandu and ends at Dhunche, headquarter of Rasuwa district located in the northern part of Nepal. This trip is one of the trips in Nepal which starts from the capital and can be reached upto 4600m from sea level within in several days.  The trip brings you into the pristine environment, diverse culture, lifestyle of the local inhabitants and flora and fauna of Shivapuri National Park and Langtang National Park. During the trek, from a viewpoint called Rauchuli (3785m) you can enjoy the panoramic view of the sunrise, sunset, and a long range of Himalayan Mountains from east to west. From another viewpoint called ChyarkungChuli (4600m), you’ll see the best 360-degree panoramic views of the Himalayan ranges, landscapes and valleys.  From ChyarkungChuli, you can enjoy the views of Himalayan ranges of DorjeLakpa, Jugal to the world’s highest Mount Everest (8848 m) in the east to Langtang, Ganesh Himal,  Nayakang, Machhapuchhre, Lamjung, Gorkha, Manaslu, Ganesh, Sanjen, Paldor Peak etc. Along with Sisapangma (8013 m) in Tibet and several dozens of other mountains including villages and towns of Tibetan Autonomous region can be seen from this viewpoint.Along with beauty of Himalayan landscapes, panoramic views of surroundings and flora and fauna of Langtang national park,  you’ll encounter dozens of lakes like EkleKund, RajaraniKund, Naukund, LamoKund, KamikaminiKund, SaraswatiKund, BhairavKund and Gosainkund located at an elevation above 4380 m above the sea level.

Trip Highlights

Explore the beauty of Shivapuri National Park

Combination of lowland and high altitude vegetations and landscapes

Taste the unspoiled culture and lifestyle of different ethnic groups

Explore the popular Langtang National park

360-degree panoramic views of landscapes, villages, mountain ranges including world’s highest mountain Everest

Reach the altitude of 4600m from sea level

Encounter many endangered animals and vegetation while you’re trekking

Witness dozens lakes located above 4000m from sea level including the holy lake ‘Gosainkund’


Upon your arrival at the Tribhuvan airport Trekking Experts representative welcomes you and assists to transfer in your hotel in Kathmandu. Upon arrival at hotel, our tour manager will brief you about trekking information and other necessary information. And then you’ll free time to explore Kathmandu. Dinner will be booked at the hotel.

  • Star Hotel
  • Dinner
  • N/A Hours Walk
  • 1310 meter

After breakfast at hotel, you’ll transfer to Budhanilkhantha which is about 8/9km far away from your hotel. And from MuhanPokhari (Army check post), you’ll start your first day trekking. Upon arrival at MuhanPokhari, our trekking porters will pack baggage meanwhile trekking guide will entry your trekking permits at check-post as it is the entrance point of ShivapuriNagarjun National Park. You’ll gradually ascend to DhokaBhanjyang situated at top of the hill at 2380m which will take about 4 hours’ walk through the dense jungle of pines and rhododendron inside the Shivapuri national park. After ascending about 980m, you’ll descend down to Alche (1780m) which will take about further 2 more hours. Alche is small village of Gurung people where we shall set up tented camp there.

  • Tented Camp
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • 6 Hours Walk
  • 1780 meter

After breakfast at tented camp, you’ll start your trekking toward Manebhanjyang. From Alche you’ll descent down to Likhu River through different rice and maize fields where you’ll pass villages like TalloPudi and Sikre. From Likhu River, the trail heads up towards Likhu village, Neupane village and Manebhanjynag. Today you’ll walk through different nice landscape of rice field and trail follows the very rough motor road and some off road too. Pack lunch will be provided as there won’t be any good restaurant for lunch. Manebhanjynag is small Tamang village located at the top of the hill which is a viewpoint too from where you’ll be able to different hills, villages. And if you’ve spare time, you can walk uptoRanche View point further from today’s camp site from where you can see nice views of landscapes, mountains and surroundings. Sunset or sunshine would be very nice to views if weather permits.

  • Tented Camp
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • 7 Hours Walk
  • 1880 meter

If you woke early morning, you can hike uptoRanche Viewpoint. After breakfast, you’ll down to Samundratar (the biggest market of that area) which will take about 3 hours. The trail follows rice and maize fields, motor roads most of the time. From Samundratar, you’ll head towards Bagmara which will take about 4 hours of walking. During the trail, you’ll see many local inhabitants, maize, lentil and corn fields. As you walk up, you’ll the views of surrounding villages in lower part. Bagmara is a nice Tamang village and it is the last village you’ll see in this trip while you’re descending. There is nice view point/Kharka just above Bagmara village where you’ll see a community lodges too. If time permits, you can walk up to this view point to see nice sunset view.

  • Tented Camp
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • 7 Hours Walk
  • 1800 meter

also a view point for local people who do not go higher than this. After about 3.5 hours walk, you’ll reach a check-post where you have to entry your trekking permits. From this check post you’re entering into Langtang National Park. And then in about an hour, you’ll reach today’s camp nearby some barley/potato farming field. The trail follows very nice rock steps all the way. From today’s trek you’ll see the real beauty of nature, green hills and surrounding villages. You’ll be able to see green grass fields, views of villages, rhododendron jungle and many wild animals in the jungle. If you are lucky enough from today onwards you’ll be to see wild animals like Red Panda, Danfe, Langur Monkeys, Musk Deer etc.

  • Tented Camp
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • 4 Hours Walk
  • 2320 meter

step up most of the time through dense rhododendron jungle till Sagar Kunda (lake) which will take about 3.5 hours of walking. There are 108 lakes in Langtang National Park and this lake (Sagar Kunda) is one of them located at 2900m from sea level. 108 numbers is holy number for Hindu and Buddhist culture and 108 lakes are holy lakes for Hindu and Buddhist believers. Gosainkunda is the main lake out of 108 lakes which you’ll see in 2 days. As per Hindu mythology, each lake has its own identity and meaning. Sagarkunda is small lake between sensed rhododendron forests. The unique feature of this lake is there won’t be any leaf in the lake despite of it is located in the middle of jungle. People believed that birds will clean out the leaves when it leaves fall into the lake. As per Hindu mythology, Goddess Parbati went to Gosainkunda via this lake. There is a big cave called ‘Byas Gufa’ just about 1km east fronSagarkund and this cave can accommodate more than 500 people inside. From Sagarkunda, you’ll ascend towards Rau Chuli. It will take about another 3.5 hours of walking to reach Rau Chuli. From Sagarkunda, you’ll start feeling high altitude as you’ll be already at 2900m from sea level. From Sagarkunda you’ll see less jungle as you’ll be gradually ascending into the high altitude. Rau Chuli is named after local called it ‘Rau’. ‘Ra’ means ‘Goats’ and ‘U or Wu’ means ‘Cave’ in local Tamang language. Local people graze their goats, sheeps and yak in these green grass areas of Rau Chuli and they use those caves as their shelter. After reaching at Rauchuli, we shall set up camps around Yak pastures however if weather permit you can enjoy the panoramic views of valleys, green hills and Himalayan ranges like Machhapuchhre, Ganesh Himala, Rolwaling ranges, Shishapangma in Tibet side and Langtang. Also just below Rauchuli, you’ll find a water spot called ‘Gyampepani’ where water is coming out from the top of the rock which is unique. As per Historians, God Shiva digged the rock and water came out for thirsty Goddess Parbati. As per locals, this small water source never dries and remains the same amount no matter how much you fetch out. Also you can take out water only after praying to the God with a lamp (Dhup).

  • Tented Camp
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • 7 Hours Walk
  • 3800 meter

After early breakfast at Rauchuli, you’ll head towards ChyarkungChuli. From Rauchuli, you’ll ascend about 2 hours and from there you’ll have two options to reach your today’s destination. If you take lower route, it will be quite longer and you won’t see panoramic views, but it has better trail. However if you take upper route, the trail is not good as you’ve been walking since last week. But this route offers 360 degree panoramic views of mountain ranges, hills, valleys and soundings. From upper route, you’ll again climb step to Jogimara which will take about an hour via passing a steep cliff (Khukuri Dhar). From there you’ll ascend gradually up beneath the Rocky Mountains. You’ll reach ChyarkungChuli (also called JyakungChuli) in about 4 hours from Jogimara. ChyarkungChuli is the highest point of this trip and it is also highest point of Nuwakot district. This viewpoint is the most scenic viewpoint in entire trip which is situated at 4600m from sea level. From this viewpoint, you can enjoy the 360 degree panoramic views of valleys, hills and Himalayans ranges. From ChyarkungChuli, you can enjoy the views of Himalayan ranges of DorjeLakpa, Jugal to the world's highest Mount Everest (8848 m) in the east to Langtang, Ganesh Himal, Nayakang, Machhapuchhre, Lamjung, Gorkha, Manaslu, Ganesh, Sanjen, Paldor Peak etc. Along with Sisapangma (8013 m) in Tibet and several dozens of other mountains including villages and towns of Tibetan Autonomous region can seen from this viewpoint. Also you can see the views of most parts of Nuwakot and Rasuwa, including the Kathmandu Valley, can be clearly observed.After spending some time to take photographs, you’ll now descent to ChhedaDanda which will take another 45 minutes’ walk. ChhedaDanda is located at 4364m from sea level, just above EkleKunda (another lake of Gosainkunda Lake group). ChhedaDanda has nice place for camping which as yak pasture.

  • Tented Camp
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • 6/8 Hours Walk
  • 4364 meter

After breakfast at ChhedaDanda, you’ll gently descend down to SaraswatiKunda which will take about 3 hours. From SaraswatiKunda, again you’ll climb up to Gosainkunda which will take about 1.5 hours. During trekking from ChhedaDanda to Gosainkunda, you’ll see 11 different lakes of Gosainkunda lake group namely EkleKunda, ChhedaKunda, Nau Kunda, Raja Kunda, Rani Kunda, LamoKunda, KamikaminiKunda, Nagkunda, SarswatiKunda, BhairabKunda and Gosainkunda. Along with many lakes on the way, you’ll see very nice flora and fauna of high altitude. Gosainkunda is the most popular and important lake located in Langtang National Park. Gosainkunda is holy lake for Hindu and Buddhist believers. It is situated at 4380m from sea level. Every year thousands of Hindu and Buddhist believers visit Gosainkunda in Janai Purnima and Dasarah festival which occurs in June/July every year. As per Hindu mythology, God Shiva created this lake to fulfill his thirst because of poison. When he drunk water from Gosainkunda, he recovered from the poison. After spending sometime at Gosainkunda, you’ll descent to Chandanribari which is about 3 more hours of walking. From Gosainkunda local lodges are available. Since we are staying in tented camp from beginning, we shall set up tented camp in Chandanbari. If someone wants to stay in the hotel/lodge, they can stay in the lodge at Chandari by paying extra and can take shower at the lodge.

  • Tented Camp
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • 6/8 Hours Walk
  • 3250 meter

Today is your last day of trekking. You’ll descend to Dhunche through the jungle which will take about 4 hours walk. Upon arrival at Dhunche, you’ll have lunch at a local restaurant. Dhunche is headquarter of Rasuwa District/the headquarter of Langtang National Park. After lunch, you’ll drive to Kathmandu which will take about 5/6 hours drive. Upon arrival, check-in at hotel and rest.

  • Star Hotel
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • 4 Hours Walk
  • 1310 meter

After enjoying a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, you’ll be met by your city tour guide for our day trip to a few of the Kathmandu valley’s most spectacular and important sights and some vibrant, colorful markets. With a meld of three ancient capitals and their associated palaces, temples and markets of Kathmandu has a lot to offer culturally and historically. However, we’re mindful not to overload you on your first day so will ensure the day has a good balance between sightseeing, exploring and relaxation time. The exact itinerary may change depending on the local conditions but we shall most likely visit: - Pashupatinath, one of the most important temples in South Asia to the Hindu God, Lord Shiva; - One of the three Durbar (Palace) Squares, a complex of palaces and temples which was formally the social, religious and administrative focal point of the ancient city. - Boudhnnanath Stupa, a wonderful Buddhist site centered on a huge Stupa topped with the all-seeing eyes. If possible,you’ll come here in the early evening to soak up the atmosphere of hundreds of Tibetan and Sherpa peoples walking their devotional khora. And after your back to hotel. Evening farewell dinner at local authentic Nepalese restaurant. Overnight at Hotel

  • Star Hotel
  • Breakfast/Dinner
  • N/A Hours Walk
  • 1310 meter

Depending on your flight time, you’ll be transfer to airport before 3 hrs of flight time.

  • N/A
  • Breakfast
  • N/A Hours Walk
  • N/A meter

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What’s Included

3 nights in Kathmandu at three star-hotels on twin sharing basis 7 nights in tented camps during the trekking on twin sharing basis

3 meals a day during the trekking at tented camps served by our cook (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) except in Kathmandu Breakfast and dinner during Kathmandu hotel stay Farewell Dinner in Kathmandu at the end of the trip with typical Nepalese food

All airport/hotel/airport transfers by private air-conditioned vehicle Kathmandu sightseeing by private air-conditioned vehicle Kathmandu-Budhanilkhantha by private air-conditioned vehicles and Dhunche-Kathmandu by private jeep/bus with trekking crew 18 kg baggage per person for trek and flights

Langtang Conservation Fee Shivapuri Conservation Fee TIMS Fee All monument entrance fees during Kathmandu sightseeing

1 English speaking experienced trekking guide 1 experienced trekking cook Required kitchen team (kitchen helpers) 1 assistant guide for every 5 members Required porters to carry personal baggage, camping equipment, kitchen utensils and trekking food English Speaking city guide for Kathmandu sightseeing

Support for airport pick up, drop and farewell dinner

< One 2-men sleeping tent for every two members 1 Foam mattress for every member Dining Tents and kitchen tent Required toilet tents Required Shower tents Required tables and chairs Required kitchen utensils with fuel Solar light for lighting purpose only

Comprehensive First Aid Kit Comprehensive Trekking Map and Kathmandu Valley Map 1 Satellite Phone for emergency use only

What’s Not Included

All personal expenses like alcoholic beverages, bottled drinks, telephone calls, laundry services etc. Medical and travel insurances International airfare and taxes Nepal Visa fees Emergency helicopter rescue charges Main meals in Kathmandu (lunch and dinner) Tips for trekking crew


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