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Child Sponsorship For Education Program

Education is most powerful tool to change the world and for sustainable development. Without education, overall development is nearly impossible. Knowing education is most important tool in human life, only few people of remote place of Nepal are educated. One of most major reason of lack of education is poverty. Two-thirds of the population of Nepal is living under poverty line. Because of poverty, it is very hard to fulfill the basic daily needs of family and the guardian of family cannot send their children to school. To send school they need at least basic tools such as uniform, stationery, meals and fees for education. Children are deprived of their basic right to education due to poverty. All problem of overall development such as underdevelopment, illiteracy, Child labor, girl trafficking, discrimination against female children etc are because of poverty.


To address the illiteracy problem of Haku village, Trekking Experts has initiated a program of Child Sponsorship Program. With the help of this program, the family of Haku will be able to educate their children. Any interested organization or individual can help by sponsoring for their education and your help will definitely secure bright future of children of Haku. They will be no longer deprived from basic right to education and will be able to sharp their bright future throughout the education. Your sponsorship will directly enable children to take advantage of education. The priority of child sponsorship will be to provide educational and social support for deprived and underprivileged children and their families, who are working and living in the most difficult circumstances.

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Why Child Sponsorship Program?

Child Sponsorship Program will provide educational and social support to deprived and underprivileged children and their families. Due to earthquake on 25th April 2015 in Nepal, more than fifty children became orphans in Haku. Most of them lost their guardians (father or mother or both). And now they are deprived from the right to education. And income source of their families were based on their guardian who are no longer survived. So this kind of Child Sponsorship Program for education is really important for them. Though this helps, we can secure their bright future and stop them to go the street for living.


How does Child Sponsorship Program work?

Trekking Experts has set up fund where any interested individual or organization can donate for their education. And Trekking Experts will donate 25% of net profit earned from charitable trips. +View Our Charity Trips


And collected fund will be used for any educational fees such as tuition fee, admission fee, library fees and accommodation, food, stationery and uniform for children.


How to sponsor a child?

The annual expected cost for sponsoring a child is USD 950 per year. The cost of child sponsor depends on the school and grades their grade.  This cost includes admission fee, school fee, annual library fees, accommodation and stationery.


You can make donation any amount you would like to donate. We shall collect the entire fund and will use for sponsor a child. And if you would like to sponsor a child, you can donate the annual fee into two installments. And fees for each installment will be USD 500 per child. In order to sponsor or make a donation, please send us an email at [email protected]. Please check here to find the list of children who are urgently required sponsorship.


How we report the progress of sponsorship?

Upon receipt of your email regarding the sponsorship or donation, we shall send you a ‘Donor’s Contract’ where you can specify the amount of donation, name of child and commitment of sponsorship. And then you can send fund via bank account or remittance. You’ll receive the receipt of donation along ‘Certification of Donation’ with name of sponsored child. You will get detail report of sponsored child in every six hundred along with his/her educational progress report including name of school, photos, bills of payments made etc. And if you have time to travel to Nepal, you’re more than welcome to meet the child you’ve sponsored.






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