Trip Grading

Trip Grading

Based on its difficulty level, we have graded trips easy to extreme.


Easy: Light walking with about three to four hours a day. Trip in this category aren’t really steep up, you mostly walk on terrain and you don’t required any physical fitness.


Moderate: Moderate trekking trips are generally gentle walking about 5 to 7 hours a day with ups and downs. You won’t require any fitness level for such trips however you need to have walking experience.


Moderate Plus: Generally moderate plus trekking trips trekking and hiking in the high altitude above 3000 meters. You need to walk about 5 to 7 hours a day. You won’t need any experience however since it walking in the high altitude you’ll need quite high level of stamina and acclimatization.


Strenuous: Strenuous trips includes high passes, peak climbing with above 40 degree steep up  and trekking in the high altitude above 3000 meters. Trekking in the high mountains is required such trips. Trips in this grade are generally about 6 to 8 hours walking a day and sometimes walking can be extended to 10 hours to while climbing peak below 6000 meter high. It would be very useful if you have experience of certain climbing skills and high level of stamina.


Extreme: Trips in extreme category includes trekking in high mountains above 5000 meters high from sea level. Generally trips in extreme category include peak climbing, crossing passes and mountaineering. Certain skill or experience of mountaineering is needed for such trips and you’ll need to have capability of acclimatization and high level stamina.


Extreme Plus: Trips in Extreme Plus is climbing giant 8000 meter peak in the Himalaya. You’ll skill or experience of mountaineering and high level of stamina and fitness for such trips.