Arnaud Waehili

Trekking Experts was referred to us Nima Wangchu (Babu) and provided us our guide, Phurba Sonam! Our experienced trekking with Sonam surpassed our expectations! Sonam was very good communicative and transparent with us through out the trip, thanks to his well-spoken English. He showed great professionalism, thanks to his outstanding practical and technical knowledge. We always felt cured of which made us confident and safe at all times. He is very accessible, smiling at all times and has great humor. I definitely would recommend Sonam as guide. We would not have summit Mera Peak without him.

Brigitte Bodenburg

First of all we would say some comments about our fantastic guide Purna. He knows always the right way, we never lost. He was always very helpful especially in difficult situations, so to cross over the passes. He has good timing for the ways. He was also very helpful all other things and very friendly. He is an excellent guide.

Thorstein Hettich

Mr. Pasang Sherpa is a very good trekking guide, who knows his business. Nothing to complain. I felt safe and well-protected with him during the entire trek. He has great knowledge his country. He told me what to eat and what not and why. He showed me things that I would never seen without him. I am more than satisfied with his great service. Anytime again with him. It was very useful to get big travel bag and map!

David Spencer

We are first time trekker in Nepal. So have no comparison to make other visits. We have been very happy with the we received between arrival at the airport and the start of our trek when things happen exactly as we were advised they would. This was very re-assuming. We have been very happy with services with the services of our guide. Bijay has shown us very possible care + demonstrated good knowledge on on the trek. He has made consistently good choices in relation to accommodation + has helped us advice + guidance when we are needed to move plans progress. Bijay showed care+ support through a short period of altitude sickness + an injured knee, always making sensible suggestions. As a first time guide he did an excellent job for us. I would be happy to recommend him to others in future. We hope to return to Nepal in future + would certainly discuss any plans we have with Trekking Experts first, given high quality of services we have received on this occasion. Thank you

Oscar Hernandez

Everything was just perfect, nice people, tough workers and beautiful landscape. Just I think the personal must wear better equipment like gloves, mountain shoes etc.

Roland Beer

We spent 2 months in Nepal with 3 different treks and stays of several days in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan. In the Annapurna area we saw the hard life of the Nepali. We were fascinated by the beautiful hikes and the unique view of the 8,000 meter peaks of the Annapurna range. Then in the Khumbu area the big highlight, the crossing of the Chola Pass and the ascent of the Kalapathar with a view of Mt. We were accompanied on all treks by a competent, helpful and friendly guide and porter. We put the whole package together and booked it with Trekking Experts in April 2016. Trekking Experts has organized everything to our satisfaction (guides and porters, all transfers, hotel booking, flights). We were very well looked after by Dinesh Tamang.

Dalinda Sanchez

The three passes trek has been the first trekking experience I have had. I was not only going to do a very challenging trek but also I was going to do it alone. Therefore, planning for this trip was a key point for me to enjoy the experience safely and at maximum. I contacted Trekking Experts one year in advance.

Dr. Thomas Hochholzer

We had an amazing tour around the Manaslu. The guide were very experienced and caring. It was fabulous that Shiwan went ahead to prepare the lunch which was really good! Kaluman did a great job organizing everything and he is a very good guide with lots of knowledge of the country. We had very nice, strong and fast porters. They were always trying to help us and did great job. All in all it was amazing journey and we would love to trek with the same team of guide and porters again! Thank you.

Mr. Peter Biscgo

I am very pleased from the services and support provided by Phu Dorji and Phurinjee and the porters. I felt always very good and safe even on the glaciers. Please continue to work with bothg Phu Dorji and Phurinjee. Both understand the business, the job and how to handle clients in friendly way.

Maruxa Ramirez

It has been extraordinary experience for us. And all the team (Kaluman, guide, Prem Shishir and Krishna) have looked after us much better than anybody could expected. They are really pleasant and nice and it has been a pleasure to share these days of our lives with them. The guide and the porters have been very flexible and patience with us. All our needs and their professionalism is is really out of doubt. Thanks a lot for your help!


Philippe Le Comte

Good trek with many opportunities to the explore high altitude mountains and scenic views. Good guidance from Phu Dorje Sherpa who was very dedicated and gave a lot of attention to me. Food and lodge were nice. For this trek and intended acclimatization, I missed acclimatization days i.e. total duration was not enough. Overall very good this again in Nepal.

Aubin Bony

Amazing tour in the Annapurnas! Discovering the Nepali culture, food, the Himalayas with an outstanding weather was Great. Very Satisfied! Purna was always kind with us and open to discuss about the itinerary and timing. He proved to be an excellent, cared and player as well! All the best.


Elisabeth Kurz

We are more than satisfied with our guide and porter. Our guide has worked very well for us. The porter was always punctual with the luggage in the hotel. We are very grateful and lucky. Thank you for wonderful tour!

Thomas Horbach

The guide was very professional in this daily approach with advisable directives in safety and surrounding areas. The guide showed and advice proper aliments of trekking and was always supportive during all ways upwards as downwards section. The almost every hour communication with the porters and meeting on time in individual lodges. The guide was also in terms to health and safety, very professional and took the respective action immediately by the altitude sickness.


Klaus Guretler

All was perfect.

Anton Hartl

Perfect guide and porter!

Astrid Offermans

We all enjoyed the trip.What we especially appreciated: The guidance by our guide Dorje (he took very good care of us in terms of food, drinks, room, personal health and making our holiday an unforgettable experience). Dorje judged our physical conditions very well. Food and drinks were great, more than enough and diverse. We were happy we could choose our food ourselves. Dorje had good knowledge about the environment and Nepalese culture. We appreciated that he shared this knowledge with us. Sherpa Mingma was very helpful and always wiling to help. He could be provided with an English course. Porters were very friendly and did a great job. No matter how the weather conditions were they were always informed well.

Jose Tudela

We are very happy with all the services. The guide and porters had been very professional and carefully with us. All the lodges was very goo, clean and comfortable. The services has been more better than we expect. Thank you very much.

Werner Bauer

Without complaint. The team was very pleasant and very helpful.

Franz Schulz

Your team took very good care of us. Nobody got ill or injured including the crew. Thanks for the great vacation!