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In this competitive world, to find right partner for you who cares & respects your business value, who is loyal to your business and expert in the job is really tough. And especially it is more difficult to get local tour operator who works with single travel agency from your country/market. Generally, most of the tour operator companies in Nepal work with multiple travel agencies even from same country. And obviously, the local tour operator can play big role in your business growth especially by they can play role in charging you more in pricing and level of services. And definitely, your company won’t be able to compete other rival companies in your market. And the result is downfall of business. In another hand, local operator keeps data and contacts of all your clients who travelled to Nepal and later they deal with clients directly and you’ll lose your clients too. So there are five reasons to partner with:


1. We Work With Single Partner

Trekking Experts is one and only tour operator in Nepal who works with selective single partner/agencies from a particular country/market. Partner means someone to whom you can trust and hand over your whole business to them. We, Trekking Experts (P) Ltd. exclusively work with a single partner/agency from a particular country/market. From this dedicated partnership, our partner won’t have any fear of working with another partner with same nature of business from same country/market. And this partnership avoids playing role in your business growth especially by charging you more in prices and giving fewer services than other competitors.


2. We Do Not Take Individual Bookings

As Trekking Experts works exclusively with single partner from particular country, we do not work with other companies of same nature and also we do not take any individual bookings though our website or referral basis. If we get inquiries/booking from individual clients, we would refer to our partner company. In this sense, we won’t take individual bookings from those clients who already travelled with Trekking Experts; we rather refer to our Partner Company. This partnership won’t lose your clients by booking directly later with local operator.


3. We Do Not Conduct Marketing Activities

After exclusive partnership, Trekking Experts never runs any marketing campaigns, activities in your market. If we had to conduct marketing activities, we shall run marketing activities through you under your company name.


4. We Provide The Best Possible Rates

Trekking Experts deals with vendors in bulk rate. Using our extensive circle and relations, we deal with hotels, transportation, lodges, suppliers, guides, porters and other vendors in win-win basis which will give us more value of services at the same cost. We provide best possible and reasonable prices to our partners in transparent way. There won’t be any hidden cost and conditionals costs. Since working with a single partner, our focus will be how to minimize cost and how can we maximize the services.


5. We Create Value For You

We are proud for what we stand for and how we work with our partners and clients. We believe that collectively our qualities genuinely help us create the best and unique environments for our clients. We create an environment in our company where people like to travel with us with a reason and want to work for us as a member. Our staffs are loyal to the company, innovative, friendly and simply perfect in their job. Satisfied clients usually mean satisfied workers too. We believe that our partners’ growth is our growth. So we never compromise to put any effort for mutual benefit. We consider all our staff, partners, suppliers and clients as our family members. Besides delivering travel services, our work creates value for our partners. See how we create value for our partners.


Explore More Reasons to Partner With Us

- Wealth of Experience: Our team is formed with team of experts in trekking and travelling with extensive knowledge and experience of over two decades.

- Cent Percent Happy Track Records: We have track record of 99.02% success and satisfaction rate from the establishment.

- Travel Companion: We serve and present ourselves as travel companion rather than an operator for our customers.

- Best Possible Travel Packages: We design and avail best travel offers, packages, products of promotion to our partners. All our travel packages are exclusively hand crafted, tested and designed by experts aiming ‘right holiday package for right person at right time’

- Eco Friendly and Staff Friendly Activities: We carefully execute our activities and travel trips considering the norms of responsible tourism, eco friendly, and culture friendly and giving back to the community. We create friendly and transparent working environment where all stakeholders such as partners, suppliers, office staff and local community can work as a single team.

- We Keep Exploring: We always keep exploring on finding new destinations, ideas, products and offers. Exploratory nature means we’re always looking for the cutting edge which will improve our client’s travel spirit and way of travelling. We’re one of the few companies in this industry with our own research and development projects.

- Award-wining Trek Operator: We have won several awards for providing ‘Excellent Services’, ‘Smart Tourism’ , Social Contribution and Ethical Travel Guide by Government of Nepal, many news papers and non- profit organizations.

- The Most Admired Trek Operator in Nepal: Trekking Experts and its social activities along with business activities are most admired by local community, people, staff, partners, clients and stakeholder. Our activities are designated as most effective project by many national and international media houses and organization. Read about our activities


So would like to boost your travel business? Then please become our partner today  for mutual benefit.