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  • Trekking Experts


We, Trekking Experts is one the finest trek operator company in Nepal and recommended by many of our partners, news/medias and local people of Nepal. Trekking Experts is award-wining travel company in Nepal for its best services, ethical business, and loyalty to partners and extraordinary contribution to the society for positive outcomes.


Following are reasons that you or your company will be benefited if you partnered with us:


i) Wealth of Experiences and Team of Experts

The team of Trekking Experts team is formed by the experts in tourism industry. Our team consist of experts in planning and designing of trekking holidays, execution and operation of trekking in the field and extensively experienced trekking guides, climbing guides, cooks, travel consultants and helpers. That’s why we’re called ‘Trekking Experts’. Our people, their experiences, knowledge, passion, loyalty and motivation are wealth of our company. A dedicated team is what drives an organization. Our team is motivated and dedicated for tourism and have experience of over two decades. These are the people that help differentiate the thin line between a perfectly executed service and average services. Trekking Experts is here for a change and to redefine the theme of holidays in tourism industry.


ii) Reasonable and discounted cost for our partners

In this competitive market, the trip cost really matters and if you’re not able to compete with your competitors for the cost and quality services, you’ll never grow your business; you’ll rather lose your clients. So, we Trekking Experts guarantee very reasonable and discounted costs for our partners. Reasonable cost at best possible services will grow your business too.


iii) We respect and care you business value

In this competitive world, to find right partner for you who cares about you, who respects your organizational value, who is loyal to your business and authentic travel advisor, expert operator is really tough job. And especially it is harder to get some local operator who does not cheat you and your clients. Generally all the tour operator companies in Nepal works with multiple travel partners even from same country and those local operators can obviously play big role in your business growth especially in pricing and services level which will make you tougher in competitive market. So the most important benefit you’ll benefit from us is our loyalty, ethical business and dedicated to the single partner in a particular country which you’ll never get from another companies.


iv) Cent percent happy customers

We, Trekking Experts are proud to say that we have cent percent happy customers who travelled with us or used our services. We never compromise to deliver the quality services and this made our 100% happy customer track record. This means, once you took our services or work with us, you’ll never regret for our partnership, rather you’ll benefit other value added benefits from us.


v) Loyal and dedicated partnership

We are proud for what we stand for and how we work with our partners. We believe that collectively our qualities genuinely help us create the best and unique environments for our clients. We create an environment in our company where people like to travel with us with a reason and want to work for us as a member. Our staffs are loyal to the company, innovative, friendly and simply perfect in their job. Satisfied clients usually mean satisfied workers too. As we work with a single partner in a particular territory which can drive more strong bonding in the business. It is our working style that we work with a company in a country and we will be fully loyal, dedicated to our partners forever.


vi) Your presence in Nepal

We, Trekking Experts work as a local partner/operator and we represent your business brand herein Nepal. We shall deliver and will work as your organization in Nepal.


vii) A travel companion for your customers

We, Trekking Experts serve and present ourselves as travel companion to travelers booked through our partners across the globe.


viii) Provide Free value-added service

We, Trekking Experts provide free value added services to the clients booked through our partners. Value-added services includes grand welcome at the airport, assistance during the whole trip, travel consultancy, extra activities, souvenirs, free gifts and celebration for birthdays, and anniversaries, extra care , support to children, older people, safety kit and gears etc.


ix) Instant Emergency Support

We, Trekking Experts team will be always ready for emergency support while travelling in a trip and alos if any clients need any support, Trekking Experts has set up 24/7 support team. In addition, we shall provide safety gears such as certec bag, satellite phone, first aid kit and oxygen for medical purpose.


So would like to boost your travel business? Then please contact and become our partner today for mutual benefit.