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Trekking Experts is a leading adventure-travel company based in Kathmandu providing all travel related services to its clients/partners from across the glove as local operator for Nepal and Tibet. We provide all kinds of travel related services to the clients booked through our international travel partners and we represent our partners's presence in Nepal.

Our work includes arranging all logistic supports for trekking permit, hotel booking, ticket booking, and transfer arrangement, providing guide services, porter services, catering or tented camping services, rescue services and ground handling services for our international partners and their clients. As a local tour operator or representative for Nepal, our main services to deliver the required services to our partners' clients for all over Nepal and Tibet. We specialize in trekking and travelling holidays for Nepal and Tibet. As a local expert, we also provide all kinds of travel related services to our partners, suggestion for travel programs as travel consultant. Area of our services covers all over Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.


Area of our services covers all over Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Our service activities include trekking holidays, cultural tour holidays, peak climbing, and mountaineering/expedition, mountain biking and event management. Also we provide support for film making, meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions, rafting, bungee jump, ticket booking, money exchange, visa services, vehicle rental, airport pickups/drop transfers, mountain flight, helicopter sightseeing and many more.

Trekking Holidays


Trekking is the most popular activity in Nepal and it is relatively easy depending upon the path you decide. The trail follows well-marked trekking paths, hundreds of local passes, bank of rivers and through jungle. These trekking trips take you to the most scenic viewpoints, reach to the base camp of giant 8000m peaks, explore the mighty hidden treasures, cultures, diversified flora and fauna and amazing people. We, Trekking Experts provide all trekking related services in all regions of Nepal and Tibet. We provide all logistic support for tented camp trekking, lodge trekking and alpine style trekking.


Trekking Experts offer trekking packages based on themes or travel interests. Please choose your suitable trekking packages.


Cultural Tours


Trekking Experts provides highest degree of cultural and historical tour services. Our tour services include tours to most popular and historic places, national parks, cultural sites, picturesque viewpoints and cities. Trekking Experts provides highest form of local transportation, flight, hotels booking and guide services for travelling inside the city to medieval towns. Cultural tours combines ten prehistoric world’s heritage sites, various national parks consisting wide varieties of flora and fauna, rich culture and many beautiful landscapes are the main attractions of Nepal and most of heritage sites can be reached by few miles of hiking or drive. Tour of Nepal is one of best and relaxing trip in Nepal in which you are taken to diverse cultural sites, UNESCO world heritage sites, national parks, rich cultured villages and lakes. Trekking Experts offers unique cultural tour holidays based on themes. +View cultural holiday tours 


Peak Climbing


Trekking Experts provides all logistic support for peak climbing in Nepal and Tibet. By the assistance of experienced and record-breaking climbing guides of Trekking Experts, we provide all logistic support for peak climbing considering your safety. Peak climbing includes all 6000m, 7000m and 8000m and higher mountains of Nepal up to Mt. Everest, the world’s highest mountain.


There are eight out of fourteen 8000 meters and above peaks and wide ranges of other peaks offering different altitude and difficulty level all which provides awe-inspiring views. Trekking Experts provide all required services and tools to climb such snowcapped peaks including the highest peak on Earth, Mount Everest. By using expertise of world record holding climbers, we provide professional level supports for mountaineering such as arranging all logistic supports, permits for climbing, ground handling, providing catering, tented camp and staff etc. Nepal has hundreds of 6000 and 7000 meter peaks and eight 8000 meter giants. +View peak climbing packages


“You cannot stay on the summit forever; you have to come down again. So why bother in the first place? Just this: What is above knows what is below, but what is below does not know what is above. One climbs, one sees. One descends, one sees no longer, but one has seen.” – Rene Daumal


Adventurous Holidays


Trekking Experts provides services for all kind of adventure activities in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Adventure activities include wall climbing, rock climbing, high pass trekking, paragliding, rafting, fishing, hunting and many more.


Nepal is home for the natural adventurers. Nepal has plenty of prospects for adventurous activities such as cycling, fishing, hunting, rafting etc. and Trekking Experts provides all required services for such adventure activities. Nepal is geographically situated for wide ranges of natural adventure sports such as white river rafting, climbing sport, flying adventure and mountain climbing. Whether you want to skydive from world highest altitude, paraglide amongst stunning massif, bungee jump and swing from world’s 2nd highest natural fall, fishing, hunting, river rafting, canoeing and mountain biking , Nepal is the ideal destination for travel.


See our adventurous holiday packages:

+ Cycling/Mountain Bike Holidays

+ Peak Climbing/Mountaineering Holidays


Filming & MICE


Nepal is one of photogenic country because of unique cultures, people, lifestyles, giant mountains, diverse nature and geographical structure. Such might be the reasons why some of the most stunning movies are filmed in Nepal. From the world’s highest mountains at the north to the plain land of Terai at the south, Nepal offers it all for one of the most dramatic scenes ever to be seen by viewers. Several Hollywood and Bollywood movies are screened in Nepal including travel documentaries, short movies, stories and plays. Some of the best movies ever to be shot in Nepal are The Wildest Dream, Doctor Strange, Little Buddha, The Golden Child, Beyond the Edge, Everest International, Highway to Dhampus and many more. Popular broadcasting channels such as National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet have made Nepal as their preferred destination for all genres of documentary and movies. Famous mountain legends Reinhold Messner, Sigfried Hupfaur, Conrak Aker, Carlos Soria and Edurne Pasaban have screened many documentaries in Nepal.


Trekking Experts provides all logistic support for filming in Nepal. Required by the Nepal Government as per the laws and regulations, Trekking Experts prepare all types of documents to obtain filming permits in the most exotic and rare locations, support for crew members, staff, all logistic supports such as transfers, electricity, staffing, hotel and place booking etc. +View program for filming in Nepal


“You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so… get on your way!” -Dr. Seuss


Rescue Services


Trekking Experts provide all essential supports for rescue services. 25 of our guides are trained for Rescue by Himalaya Rescue Association and two of our guides are trained for Long Range Rescue. Using the proficiency of our guides, we Trekking Experts provide rescue assistance for our clients, business partners and agents. Our expert guides and long range rescuer are certified and experienced rescuers who have saved many climbers up to 8600 meter mountains.