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We are proud of what we did in the past either it is making our clients cent percent satisfied or making unique, most effective and meaningful contribution to the community. The core business is to provide professional trekking and travelling services to the clients of our business partners. However, Trekking Experts has made contribution to the society also important responsibility. Working as a local tour/trek operator for Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan or representing our partners for Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet is our main work. Beside this conduct many projects and events which create value of the company and our partners.


Our work covers following activities:











Features of our work:

i) Respect and care partners’ business value

In this competitive world, to find right partner for you who cares about you, who respects your organizational value, who is loyal to your business and authentic travel advisor, expert operator is really tough job. And especially it is harder to get some local operator who does not cheat you and your clients. Generally all the tour operator companies in Nepal works with multiple travel partners even from same country and those local operators can obviously play big role in your business growth especially in pricing and services level which will make you tougher in competitive market. So the most important benefit you’ll benefit from us is our loyalty, ethical business and dedicated to the single partner in a particular country which you’ll never get from another companies.


ii) Loyal and dedicated partnership

We are proud for what we stand for and how we work with our partners. We believe that collectively our qualities genuinely help us create the best and unique environments for our clients. We create an environment in our company where people like to travel with us with a reason and want to work for us as a member. Our staffs are loyal to the company, innovative, friendly and simply perfect in their job. Satisfied clients usually mean satisfied workers too. As we work with a single partner in a particular territory which can drive more strong bonding in the business. It is our working style that we work with a company in a country and we will be fully loyal, dedicated to our partners forever.


iii) Representative for Nepal

We, Trekking Experts work as a local partner/operator and we represent your business brand herein Nepal. We shall deliver and will work as your organization in Nepal.


iv) A travel companion for your customers

We, Trekking Experts serve and present ourselves as travel companion to travelers booked through our partners across the globe.


v) Redefining Trekking Holidays

We are the expert in trekking. We plan, design and test the trekking holidays based on themes which will be suitable for the travelers. We know people leave for holiday to have fun and get away from regular work. Travelers will have different interest, wish and expectation. And to meet those required of travelers we redefined trekking holidays based on themes. Keeping the leisure, fun and entertainment in our minds, we simplify and specialize your holidays in such a way that traveler can off course will have plenty of fun, leisure and entertainment; we custom holiday packages based clients’ interest, purpose of travel and lean something different. Our full effort will be to make travelers holidays suitable for everyone who are from different culture, language; society and age group along with different working environments. We always say that travelling is not just to see things around; it is a golden opportunity to learn, experience and feel the culture, people, foods and nature wherever you go.


vi) Staying at Travelers Side

Trekking Experts and all its team members are experts in their field; in fact one of the things that differentiate us is the key people (managers, trekking guides, climbers, cooks and entire crew). Trekking Experts always treats clients journey is its own journey. We always think in traveler’s point of view, I think and be a traveler rather an operator. We think beyond ourselves, which helps make each and every holiday genuinely custom-built. If there’s no joy for our clients there’s no joy for us.


vii) Never Stop Exploring

Our curiosity leads us to thinking more which never stops learning. We just want to know, how every traveler from different culture, language, society and age group along with different working environments think and plan for their holidays. Our inquisitive and exploratory nature means we’re always looking to the cutting edge for travel which will improve our client’s travel spirit and way of travelling. We’re one of the few companies in the industry with our own research and development projects.


viii) Setting Highest Standards of Trekking Services

Trekking Experts is certified travel company by many customers, partners and organizations. We set up highest degree of quality services in consulting, accommodation, foods, catering and logistic services. Our exception culture of operation and innovative team give every effort to meet the highest level of quality.