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Trekking Experts (P) Ltd. is a registered trekking operator company in Nepal. Trekking Experts is registered as a travel/trek company under Company Act 2063 of Nepal. Company registration number is 114956/070/071. Trekking Experts is authorized to operate trek and travel activities in Nepal by Industry Department of Nepal, Nepal Rastra Bank (central bank of Nepal) and Tourism Department of Nepal and Income Tax Department. Trekking Experts is associated and member of many umbrella organizations and nonprofit organization such as Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA), Village Tourism Development Forum (VITOF) and many more.


Trekking Experts (P) Ltd. is a trek operator registered in Nepal. The company was founded in 2013 by tourism veterans: Dinesh Tamang and Pasang Rinjee Sherpa, who had worked in tourism for the last two decades and experienced pros and cons of this industry. Collaborating successfully with the medium-end and high-end clients of the market, Trekking Experts has won the trust of an exclusive and highly demanding customer base. Trekking Experts now provides all travel-related services to the clients of travel companies from Germany, Italy, Spain, France, United Kingdom, United States of America, Argentina, Korea, Japan, India and Israel.



Trekking Experts is a tourism-focused part of Vahi Group, one of the key groups in Nepal, operating, apart from mountaineering, in fields such as: Internet service provider, real estate & constructions, organic agriculture and trade. From its establishment, Trekking Experts has provided high quality travel services to individual trekkers and through business partners from across the globe - 1000+ customers so far - and generated revenue of forty million Nepali rupees. Today Trekking Experts and other companies of the group give employment to over 100 people directly and run numerous social projects, contributing to the improvement of living conditions among the people in rural parts of the country through education and health programs, infrastructure investments and income generating activities, addressed especially to socially excluded women, as well as 2015 earthquake victims.



Trekking Experts (P) Ltd. is the only travel/adventure company in Nepal operating on business to business (B2B) basis. Trekking Experts is also the only travel service provider who ties up with one selective partner in a particular country - working exclusively with a single partner enhances the business for mutual benefit by delivering excellent services to a stable, reliable and engaged partner at a reasonable cost.


In Trekking Experts we believe in loyalty and ethical business. Respecting the core values of our global travel partners and satisfying their customers through excellent services, helped us win their trust, which makes us very proud. Our ambition and aim is to act as a travel companion rather than an operator to our partner/customers.


We design the best travel offer for our business partners/agents. All Trekking Experts’ products and packages are exclusively hand-crafted and tested by experts for those travelers seeking ‘the right holiday package for the right person at the right time’. It is also worth mentioning that our travel packages are created with respect and consideration for the norms of responsible tourism.



We are proud for what we stand for and how we work with our partners and clients. We believe that collectively our qualities genuinely help us create the best and unique environments for our clients. We create an environment in our company where people like to travel with us with a reason and want to work for us as a member. Our staffs are loyal to the company, innovative, friendly and simply perfect in their job. Satisfied clients usually mean satisfied workers too.


We believe that our partners’ growth is our growth. So we never compromise to put any effort for mutual benefit. We consider all our staff, partners, suppliers and clients as our family members. Besides delivering travel services, our work creates value for our partners.


■ Your presence in local market: We, Trekking Experts work not only as local partner/operator; we work as your representative here in Nepal. As your branch office for Nepal, we shall promote and display our brand and presence in local market.


■ We serve as a travel companion rather than an operator:We, Trekking Experts serve and present ourselves as travel companion to travelers booked through our partners across the globe.


■ Provide free value-added service: We, Trekking Experts provide free value added services to the clients booked through our partners. Value-added services includes grand welcome at the airport, assistance during the whole trip, travel consultancy, extra activities, souvenirs, free gifts and celebration for birthdays, and anniversaries, extra care , support to children, older people, safety kit and gears etc.


■ Brand Visibility in Nepal:As a branch unit or representative, We, Trekking Experts display and promote your brand in local market and during the trip as well. We shall use our brands less such as duffel bags, bag cover sheet, jackets, climbing gears, tents and other marketing tools with your brand logo.


■ Instant Emergency Support:We, Trekking Experts team will be always ready for emergency support while travelling in a trip and also if any clients need any support, Trekking Experts has set up 24/7 support team. In addition, we shall provide safety gears such as certec bag, satellite phone, first aid kit and oxygen for medical purpose.



Trekking Experts is awarded as one of the best tour operator company provides excellent travel related services. Trekking Experts is designated by many national and international media, non profit organizations as an ethical travel guide, best contributor to the society and trend setter for smart tourism and sustainable tourism.


Because of its unique travel packages, excellent travel services to clients and extraordinary contribution to the society, Trekking Experts has won several awards. And most importantly it has earned very good name in Nepalese travel industry, our clients, partners and local community. Trekking Experts has been recognized as one of most trusted and ethical travel operator in Nepal by our business partners, suppliers and responsible tourism stakeholders. Trekking Experts is recognized as ‘Ethical Travel Guide’ for Nepal by Tourism Concern (UK), Mountain Club of Valencia (Spain), Neue Beitung Beurcher (Switzerland), NZZ (Switzerland), ABC (Poland), The Himalayan Times (Nepal), Gantabya Nepal, Shikhar Post and Ratopati. And Trekking Experts is awarded for ‘Excellent Travel Service of Year 2015’ by Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal.



Trekking Experts is appreciated by many news papers, nonprofit organizations and communities for its generous and supports in various sectors to the rural part of Nepal and earthquake victims. A project called ‘Healing Haku ‘powered and initiated by Trekking Experts is designated as most effective earthquake relief program by many national and international news papers. Trekking Experts P. Ltd. is recognized and awarded by different media houses, Government offices and nonprofit organization for its continuous and exceptional contribution to the nation and community well-being.



CEO of Trekking Experts with 'Smart Tourism Entrepreneur' and 'Excellent Service Award' Service'




Trekking Experts is associated with various national and international governments and non- government organizations for responsible tourism and overall betterment.  Collaboration and membership with these organizations have helped us to provide our customers the best services and differentiate us among other trekking agencies.


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Trekking Experts (P) Ltd. is a travel unit of Vahi Group of Companies. Following are the sister companies of Trekking Experts.




Sherpa Shepherds is one of the finest expedition operator based in Kathmandu, Nepal. It delivers wide ranges of logistic services for peak climbing and expedition trip in the Himalaya. Sherpa Shepherds is an expedition operator company aimed to deliver high-end professional mountaineering services in the Himalaya ensuring safety, security and the spirit of mountaineering at reasonable cost. By using experience, skill and knowledge of our great Sherpa climbers, we provide the best logistic and guide services in the mountains considering the core values of responsible and ethical mountaineering. For more visit our website





Vahi International, a business group aims to deliver all basic needs of local people at their doorsteps. Vahi International also delivers quality household products to locals, tourism markets, travel agents and business houses. Beside this it focuses in export of Made in Nepal garments into international market. For more visit our website 






Travel With Social Cause is travel project designed to help needy people of Nepal throughout travel/trekking. The core idea that brought into existence this project was to offer a traveler Nepal’s most attractive assets – unforgettable adventure in the gorgeous Himalayas, with the possibility of bringing a change by contributing to a social cause at the same time. For more visit our website







Healing Haku Project is a volunteer based project initiated by volunteers Edyta, Dinesh, Pasang and Tshering. With financial and technical support of Trekking Experts, this project became one of most effective earthquake relief program in Rasuwa. Healing Haku Project is of the most effective earthquake relief program for earthquake victims of Langtang region (Rasuwa). Many national daily news papers from Nepal, Poland and Spain have designated this project as the most effective earthquake relief program in Nepal. Throughout this project we have succeed to help and add smiles on the faces around 3200 earthquake victims (751 families) of Haku, Rasuwa. For more






Thanks to excellent services we provide with dedication to the travelers, loyalty proven to our business partners and continuous contribution to sustainable development, Trekking Experts has a documented strong presence in national and international media:



The Help Program of Trekking Experts is designated as ‘The Most Effective Relief Program’ by national daily news paper, The Himalayan Times .


The quality Services and strong team’s performance is appreciated in Switzerland’s biggest national daily newspaper, Neue Beitung Beurcher .



Mountaineering legend Reinhold Messner addressing support from Trekking Experts to the earthquake victims of Nepal in Milan, Italy on 12.05.2015. And news published inMount City, Milan


An appeal call to world by Trekking Experts right after earthquake on 25.04.2015. Trekking Experts had sent rescue team to Haku. And news in published in Mount City, Italy on 06.05.2015.



Creative and new way of travelling idea of Trekking Experts is published in German’s most popular national daily papers, NZZ .

An initiation of Trekking Experts to ‘make people self reliant’ is published in Nepal’s most popular national daily, The Himalayan Times.


Trekking Experts team’s extraordinary help and initiation during the earthquake is been appreciated and designated in Poland’s most popular daily news paper; ABC Leszno 24 .

Creating new hope to the earthquake victims of several helps of Trekking Experts is covered by Poland’s national newspaper, FAKTY Koscianskie .


Trekking Experts and Focus for Nepal jointly organized a free medical camp in Haku. And news published on Mount City, Italy on 10.10.2015.

Trekking Experts and Focus for Nepal distributed food for around 3200 people of Haku and this news is covered by Italian media Mount City.


A heart- touching radio interview about Trekking Experts team’s support in Polish radios; Polskie Radio and Radia Klara TV .

Trekking Experts is spreading ‘Nepal is Safe’ in Spain.


The new vision for travelling is published in various online news portals such as Ratopati , Shikhar Post etc.

News published in Gantabya Nepal about Trekking Experts is becoming no. 1 trekking company in Nepal.


News published in national daily in Poland about Healing Haku Project .

News Published in Annapurna Post about social help by Trekking Experts.