Ang Gelu Sherpa

Mr. Ang Gelu Sherpa is one multi-talented trekking guide in Nepal. He is trekking guide, mountain guide and mountain bike riding guide too. He has trekked almost all region of Nepal and Tibet as a guide. He has climbed Mount Everest 4 times as mountain guide and currently he is leading trips as trekking guide and mountain bike riding guide at Trekking Experts.

Sonam Gurung

Mr. Sonam Gurung is very popular mountain bike in Nepal. He is the first person in Nepal who launched mountain biking in Nepal and he has been lucky to be the first mountain biking guide in Nepal. He is a celebrity mountain biking guide in Nepal who worked as a Judge for many mountain bike race events and has very good knowledge of biking. He partly works as trainer of mountain bikers. We are glad to have him as a senior mountain bike guide of Trekking Experts.

Phurba Sonam Sherpa

Mr. Phurba Sonam Sherpa is a very talented trekking guide of Trekking Experts. He has a good knowledge of photography, mountain biking, trekking and climbing as well. He has been leading groups in the mountains as a trekking guide and also as a mountain guide to climb 7000m and 6000m peaks.

Jangbu Sherpa

Mr. Jangbu Sherpa is a veteran trekking and mountain bike riding guide in Nepal. He has worked as a trek leader and mountain bike leader since last 15 years. Mr. Jangbu has very good command in English speaking, Nepali and Hindi. He has also summited Mt. Everest twice.