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Nepal is the home of many mountains; a paradise of natural resources. Many places in Nepal are still undiscovered and not travelled by world. The hidden treasures, natural resources and culture are still not tasted by the world. Nepal has wide range of trekking destination and among them some trekking destinations are opened for trekking and seen by world. But still many trekking destinations in Himalaya, remote region of Nepal are still not seen by world. Most popular trekking destinations are becoming more crowded. For those who would like to travel/trek in isolated areas and wilderness, Trekking Experts has surveyed and opened new trekking routes.


New trekking trips/route we have designed are very carefully planned to minimize high altitude sickness and to provide the best scenery of nature, culture and the mountains. Trekking Experts keep exploring new trekking destination and avail for trekkers who would like to have new taste of trekking. Also based on our clients’ interest and timeframe, we do survey new places too. Please find some newly opened trekking trips at the right side bar and also please email us at [email protected] if you would like know about other newly opened trekking destinations.