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  • Upper Mustang Bike Tour

Upper Mustang Bike Tour


'Upper Mustang Bike Tour' is designed to travel to Upper Mustang by mountain bike. Biking in Upper Mustang offers immenge adventure and experience of culture of Upper Mustang. Culture in Mustang is Tibetan influenced culture, thousands of mysterious human-made caves and its exceptional landscape, Mustang has its own identity. Mostly dominated by an endless expanse of otherworldly landscape on the northernpart of Nepal towards Tibetan plateau, Mustang carries isolated and mystical vibes.The last forbidden kingdom is rich in its hidden gems and pristine native tradition where still polyandry system exists. The origin culture and Himalayan Buddhism still virgin and will let you to feel century back.


Biking in such religious and amazed places makes your trip wonderful. Here instantly makes you a local celebrity as children with scary wind-blown hair and apple red cheeks surround to greet you. We bike mostly along jeep tracks to reach the walled city of Lo Manthang, the crown jewel of Upper Mustang. Ride on arid landscape through immaculate Sherpa villages, meet friendly locals, admire giant Himalayan Mountains in the horizon and get on a horse when you feel like taking a break. Upper Mustang biking trip will indeed make for quite a humbling experience and a holiday of a lifetime.


Another attraction in the Mustang region is the Tiji Festival influenced by Tibetan Buddhism, which is celebrated every year during the end of the dry season. The Mustang people have their own way of family life, which is quite surprising for many foreigners. All the brothers in the family are married to a single girl, what you may call a practice of polyandry.


Day 1   | Arrival in Kathmandu (alt. 1300 m). O/N at star hotel

Day 2   | Flight: Kathmandu-Pokhara (alt. 800m/ 25 min flight). O/N at star hotel

Day 3   | Flight: Pokhara- Jomsom , bike from Jomsom to Kagbeni (alt. 2890m/dist. 11km/ ride ½ hrs). O/N at lodge

Day 4   |Ride: Kagbeni- Chuksang-Tetang-Chele (alt.3077m/dist. 27km/ ride ¾ hrs). O/N at lodge

Day 5   | Ride:Chele- Samar-Syangbochen- Ghami- (alt.3563m/dist. 27km/ ride 5/6 hrs). O/N at lodge

Day 6   | Ride: Ghami- Lo La Pass (alt. 3930m)-Lo Manthang (alt.3891m/dist. 22km/ ride 4/5 hrs). O/N at lodge

Day 7   | Ride: Lo Manthang Exploration Day (alt.3891m). O/N at lodge

Day 8   | Ride: Lo Manthang- Pang La Pass (alt. 4132m)- Ghar Gompa (alt. 3722m)- Dhakmar-Ghami (alt. 3563m/dist. 24km/ ride 4/5 hrs). O/N at lodge

Day 9   | Ride: Ghami- Nyi La Pass (alt. 4027m)- Geling (alt. 3571m)-Samar (alt. 3608m/dist. 28km/ ride 4/5 hrs). O/N at lodge

Day 10 | Ride: Samar- Chele-Chuksang-Kagbeni (alt. 2810m/dist. 30km/ ride 4/5 hrs). O/N at lodge

Day 11 | Ride: Kagbeni- Jharkot- Muktinath (alt. 3760m/dist.11km/ ride 1/2 hrs). O/N at lodge

Day 12 | Ride: Muktinath- Muktinath Pass (alt. 4000m)- Marpa-Tukuche (alt. 2586m/dist. 27km/ ride 4/5 hrs). O/N at lodge

Day 13 | Ride: Tukuche-Kobang-Larjung- Ghasa-Tatopani (alt. 1190m/dist. 43km/ ride 4/5 hrs). O/N at lodge

Day 14 | Ride: Tatopani- Ranipauwa-Beni (alt. 830m) and drive to Pokhara  (alt.900m/dist. 18km/ ride 1/2 hrs). O/N at lodge

Day 15 |Drive: Pokhara-Kathmandu  (alt. 1310m/dist. 200km/ drive5/6 hrs). O/N at star hotel

Day 16 |Departure from Kathmandu, transfer to airport


  • Close watch of the original roots of Himalayan Buddhism
  • Panoramic views of Nilgiri, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and several other peaks
  • The traditional city ‘Lo Manthang’ influenced by Himalayan Buddhism, Tibet-influenced culture
  • Amazing landscape with about 10,000 human made mysterious caves
  • The diversity of landscapes, villages, ethnicities, lifestyles
  • Surprising culture- all the brothers in the family are married to a single girl
  • Oldest Tibetan monastery in the world, the Lo Gekar Monastery
  • Rare and legendary local King or Tribe-leader, Jigme Palbar Bista(even Nepal is democratic country)
  • Panoramic flight over the world’s deepest gorge, The Kali Gandaki
  • Annual interesting Festival- The Tiji Festival (during may/June)

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