Loyalty Schemes

As a thank you for travelling with Trekking Experts, we’re inviting you to be a part of the Trekking Experts’ (TE’s) Recognition.  The Recognition is an extension of the feeling you will get on your TE trip. Under ‘TE Recognition’, we shall provide you fantastic benefits to our regular and loyal clients who traveled with Trekking Experts in Nepal.  You’ll benefit on any type of travel you book with Trekking Experts such as overland tours, trekking and hiking, peak climbing and expedition (mountaineering). Membership Cards will be distributed to TE Recognition holders and you’ll have special access to some fantastic benefits – and the more you travel the more you’ll be entitled to. Check out our special offers


TE Silver Recognition

On your second trip with Trekking Experts, you’ll be the member of TE Silver Recognition and you enjoy 7% off on your second trip and a certificate of TE Recognition’.


TE Golden Recognition

On your third trip with Trekking Experts, as the member of TE Golden Recognition, you enjoy 15% off on your third trip and a certificate of TE Recognition’.


Exclusive Reviews

After your trip with Trekking Experts, we would like to request to write review about services, team and logistic services on your social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, TripAdvisor, Google Review). And Trekking Experts will select top five best reviews/comments from those social media and will provide 10% off on second trip for top 5 exclusive reviews. For that we kindly ask you to mention company name (i.e. Trekking Experts), website link (www.trekkingexperts.com) and tag Trekking Experts or send link to us via email at [email protected]


Affiliate Membership Discounts

Trekking Experts provides 15% off on our all trips to our affiliate members.

TE Loyalty Scheme -Pioneer

On your fifth trip, you’ll be upgraded to Pioneer level membership. Pioneers will receive all the benefits of TE Recognition, plus following additional benefits:
– 20% Off on your 6th TE Trip and off subsequent trips
– Wave off for booking date changes (normally USD 100)
– Complementary Kathmandu City Tour with guide and all entrance fees for 1 day
– Discounted rate of equipment rental from TE Shop