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Trekking Experts provides all travel related services to the travelers booked through international travel partners and our prime service is to provide logistic support and to be representative or local trek operator of Nepal for our business partners. As we work with one selective partner in a particular country, we have single partner in particular country as our travel partner. Besides partnering with travel companies for business, we tie with nonprofit organizations, individuals and firms for social cause which can drive society towards prosperity.


We, Trekking Experts have expanded our network in various countries. And most of our representatives are from local area where they are living. All of them are licensed and well experienced in trekking and tour in Nepal. All of them are enthusiasm for guiding and have been chosen for their native experience and thorough personal knowledge. Their native language, great interpersonal skills, traveling and trekking knowledge and sense of humor will make you feel very comfortable and will explain and suggest about right trip for right person. Please find our network in your area and contact them for travel advice.

S.N. Name Country Name Contact Person Contact Address
01 Australia Bikram Tamang [email protected]
02 USA Prakash Paudel [email protected]
03 Finland
04 South Korea Mr. Lee Kang [email protected]
05 Japan
06 Poland Ms. Edyta Stepczak [email protected]
07 Netherland Ms. Wendy Hesta [email protected]
08 Spain Mr. Jose Tudela [email protected]
09 Italy Ms. Barbara Grilli [email protected]
10 France Mr. Paul
11 Singapore Mr. Vijay Kumar Patil [email protected]
12 Germany Mr. Stefan Harter [email protected]
13 India Mr. Kumar Amrania [email protected]
14 China
15 UK
16 Mexico Ms. Dalinda Sanchez [email protected]

We are not able to disclose the name of some partners because of some privacy policy. But do not hesitate to contact us to know more about our partners/agents and partnership policy.






Trekking Experts has partnered with many non profit organizations to promote sustainable and responsible tourism in Nepal. Some of organizations are listed below.






In this competitive world, to find right partner for you who cares about you, who respects your organizational value, who is loyal to your business and authentic travel adviser, expert operator is really tough job.  And especially it is harder to get some local operator who does not cheat you and your clients. Generally all the tour operator companies in Nepal works with multiple travel partners even from same country and those local operators can obviously play big role in your business growth especially in pricing and services level which will make you tougher in competitive market. So the most important benefit you’ll get if you partner with us is our loyalty, ethical business and dedicated to the single partner in a particular country which you’ll never get from another companies. Please read why partner with us.


If you would like to partner with us for Nepal and would like to know how we create your business value and how we can assist you for your business growth, please contact.


Corporate Office:

Trekking Experts (P) Ltd.

PO Box : 8008, Tokha-10,Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: +977 01 435 2145 F: +977 01 436 4894

Email: [email protected]

Skype: trekking.experts

Emergency Mob: +977 9841027075