Educational Support Programs

Trekking Experts has been continuously supporting and promoting education in remote areas. Gosain Kunda Primary School, a primary school in remote place of Rasuwa has supported by Trekking Experts for building school, all required accessories such as white boards, desk, benches, playing tools, school uniforms, school shoes, note books, pencils, bags, raincoats etc. With this help 577 students are directly benefited. Trekking Experts has also started a Scholarship Fund by the means of which honest and talented students can be benefited from this scholarship program.

With the financial support of Mr. Mariusz from Poland, Trekking Experts has built a 4-room primary school in a very remote place of Rasuwa (Langtang region). Currently around 76 students are benefiting directly from this school. The name of the school is Gosain Kunda Primary School, Parbati Kunda-2, Rasuwa. Trekking Experts has also donated 28 desk-benches, white boards, laptops, markers, dusters, notebooks, pencils, toothbrushes, toothpastes, balls and many toys to children of Gosain Kunda Primary school.


Educational Materials Distribution

Trekking Experts has distributed relief materials to 577 earthquake victims of Rasuwa district. During this relief program, Trekking Experts has distributed school uniform, school bag, notebooks, pencils, erasers, pencil cutters, rulers and playing tools to 577 students. And at the same time, Trekking Experts has distributed 14 school tents to 14 primary school of Rasuwa districts for temporary classroom.



Toys and School Material Distribution

In order to encourage the children of remote villages in Haku, Trekking Experts has distributed toys, gaming tools, laptops, cloths and education materials regularly. We hope this movement will attract kids to go school and will encourage them gain knowledge every day.




Relief & Development Programs

Healing Haku Project

Healing Haku Project is a volunteer based project initiated by volunteers Edyta, Dinesh, Pasang and Tshering. With financial and technical support of Trekking Experts, this project became one of most effective earthquake relief program in Rasuwa. Many national newspapers from Nepal, Poland and Spain have designated this project as the most effective earthquake relief program in Nepal. Throughout this project we have succeed in helping and serving around 3200 earthquake victims (751 families) of Haku, Rasuwa.


Healing Haku Project is of the most effective earthquake relief program for earthquake victims of Langtang region (Rasuwa). This project is labeled as “The Most Effective Earthquake Relief” by national daily newspapers of Nepal, Poland and Spain. This project is initiated and funded by Trekking Experts after the massive earthquake in Nepal on 25th April 2015. This project has helped around 3200 earthquake victims of a remote place of Langtang region (Haku, Rasuwa). Through this program earthquake victims, during the difficult time, have been provided with shelter, education, sanitation and means of support. Read more about this project.




Travel with Social Cause

Travel with Social Cause is a charitable travel program designed to help marginalized and needy people of Nepal. This is another form of helping needy people by travelling with us. Through this program, you’ll travel/trek to your desired destination of Nepal and you can enjoy the natural beauty of Nepal along with Trekking Experts’ quality travel related services. At the same time, you’ll be helping to orphans of rural part of Nepal who lost their families and a roof over their head in 2015 earthquake. In this program, you can travel you desired destination with the charitable fund of USD 100 -150 per person (out of your travel cost) which will be directly donated to orphanage school by yourself at end of the tour whereas Trekking Experts will donate 25% of its profit gained from this kind of trip to the orphanage school.


The fundamental reason that brought this project into existence was to offer a traveler with Nepal’s most attractive assets; unforgettable adventure in the gorgeous Himalayas with the possibility of bringing a change by contributing to a social cause at the meantime.




Construction of Drinking Water Supply System

Technical support of Mr. Franco from Italy, Trekking Expert has built drinking water supply in Pangling (a remote place of Rasuwa) for the earthquake victims. With this safe drinking water supply, 329 people are drinking safe water.




Solar Light and Blanket Distribution

With supporting of Caritas Nepal, Trekking Experts has donated 465 solar emergency lights and 140 warm blankets to earthquake victims of Haku.